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4 Useful Tips on RockAuto Shipping

How many times did you ordered an auto part from an online resource only to find yourself in different unpleasant situations regarding the shipping of your parts? With RockAuto such issues can`t occur. But for one to avoid problems when making an auto part order from this company, one needs to understand everything that involves RockAuto shipping.

I thought would be better to cover a few general rules regarding RockAuto shipping which customers can use to guide themselves when ordering auto parts from Rock Auto.

Tip Nr. 1

As you may already know, there isn`t any free shipping offered by this company, then the next question that comes into people`s minds is “How much does shipping cost then?” Well, you need to see the shipping costs section before you enter any personal details by simply adding auto parts to your shopping cart. Then you have to choose the country where you live and enter your zip code, as in the page below.

Usually, all shipping costs are reflected by the weight and size of the auto parts you ordered, but also of your present carrier rates or your location. To be certain you`ve minimized your shipping costs as much as you possibly could, it`s best if you select auto parts which can be shipped from the very same location.

Tip Nr. 2

For those who want to know which are the auto parts that cost the least when they are shipped, well, that`s a tricky one. The company generally sells more than 1.000.000 distinct auto parts and one warehouse couldn`t hold all the parts together. If you decide for auto parts that aren`t stocked in the very same location, carriers need to charge for 2 boxes.

Tip Nr. 3

You may have heard about the term “core charge.” A core charge is nothing else than a deposit. When you place an order to buy a part, you pay for it and then you`ll be refunded back when the old part it`s sent back. Specific cores should be returned within 2 months, such as transmission or engine cores, while others should be returned within 6 months. There are certain guidelines you need to keep in mind before returning a core:

  • Use the Order Status & Returns page to get & follow return directions.
  • Because you`ll be responsible for shipping your core back, you need to make a decision whether or not your core deposit will be worth your shipping cost.
  • Check that the core is complete and that is returned back in the same box the auto part came. The old auto part does not really have to be working, but you won`t get any core credit for unusable or smashed cores.

Tip Nr. 4

One of the most common issues the customers encounter when making a RockAuto part order is regarding a saved address on a completely new order. To get pass this, a few simple steps need to be taken:

  • Log into your personal account and then make a click on the “Continue Shopping” tab.
  • Add any auto part products you need to your own cart, then go to the Checkout page. Once there, make a click on the “Saved Address” URL, and then another one on the billing address.
  • If you need to ship your part to a distinct address, the box near the “Check Here if Same as Billing Address” line needs to be unchecked. Then make a click on the “Saved Address” URL located on top of the shipping address to choose a different location to deliver your parts.rockauto-shipping

Now there might be a lot more questions that customers may feel the need to find answers regarding other subjects, like info on RockAuto shipping locations, if any RockAuto shipping tracking options may be available or how much RockAuto shipping to the door costs, but for such information the company has already a specific Rock Auto FAQ page designed here: If you have a question for which you can`t find an answer at that page, you can always use the RockAuto phone number – (608) 661-1376 – and personally ask someone from their staff about your concern.

Let`s See What Happens!

Now hopefully you`ve read the above guidelines regarding RockAuto shipping and can consider them on your future Rock Auto parts orders. And remember, if you have any more questions for which you need answer, you can always visit the Rock Auto FAQ page and improve your knowledge. Chances are other customers before you had the same problem and the company already answered to their inquiry.

What Do You Know About AutoZone`s Product Return Policy?

Let`s say you have ordered an auto part from AutoZone and you want to return it. Wouldn`t you say improving your knowledge on the company`s return policy would be a good thing for you?

AutoZone, the Big Fish!

Unlike Pep Boys, Orileys or AutoTrader, this brand is a big fish between the online auto part stores. What this means is that because the company`s name is at stake, customers are always treated with respect. This includes the return policy of products as well, because product return is a big deal for this brand.

Return Policy Guidelines

Customers who are interested in returning products to this company need only to take the specific item, put it in its original package or box, and bring it to any of the company`s stores. Keep in mind to drain all its fluids if necessary before returning your product. It`s also recommended to take the credit card you have used to order your item and visit the store between working AutoZone hours.

Customers should remember that all product returns are generally subject to that specific AutoZone store Return Policy. Also, keep in mind that not all items can be returned. For example, most sales of products that are customizable are final, and thus can`t be returned.

All customers who are eligible for product refunds will be reimbursed for any shipping expenses made. Unline Rockauto free shipping, which by the way it doesn`t exist, AutoZone free shipping is a real deal. If the company has done any mistakes or if your item is somehow defective when received, the brand will pay all refund you all shipping expenses.

Customers who are shipping from any location within the U.S. and have received a defective product, the company will offer them a pre-paid return shipping label. This label is to be placed outsize the package or box, and then dropped at any facility that deals with the shipping of products.

For customers who are shipping from United States territories or an overseas location, the brand can reimburse them if any mistakes has been made from the company`s fault. In such situations, a check is issued with a shipping dollar amount that usually appears on the label of the carrier.

In-Store Return Policy

Products that are returned to a specific AutoZone store needs to be brought within 90 days from the date they have been ordered. Defective product returns should be made within the warranty period. If the product was installed or used, any requests for refunds can be denied.

The company`s store may reserve the right to ask for valid photo IDs issued by the government which will always be recorded with the store`s database.

If you no longer have the product`s receipt and you want to return it, you should get in touch with the company`s customer support and ask for the transaction info regarding your purchase. You`ll also be explained by the customer service`s representative the entire process of how you should return your product to your nearest store.autozones-product-return-policy


AutoZone takes its customers very seriously and when it comes to the return policy of its products, there is no room for error.

RockAuto Xtreme Off-Road Adventure Sweepstakes

Have you heard about the RockAuto Xtreme Off-Road Adventure Sweepstakes? This is the new sweepstakes released by RockAuto where everyone has the chance to win a Jeep LJ.

About the Rebate

As already mentioned, all customers of RockAuto have the chance of winning a great prize if they choose to take part of this great sweepstakes. The contest has begun on August 4, 2016 @ 12:00 PM (CDT) and ends on December 27, 2016 @ 12:00 PM (CST).

To be eligible for this contest, you first need to visit this link, and then click on the ”Enter Now”. You`ll then have the chance of winning a completely decked out Jeep LJ which is built by Ian, directly from the Xtreme Off-Road store. It`s that easy!

Terms & Conditions

If you want to participate at this sweepstakes, it`s important to keep in mind a few terms and conditions.

  • No payment, purchase or contribution whatsoever is required to win or enter the contest.
  • The contest is only open for residens of the U.S., all provinces of Canada and the District of Columbia.
  • All info you choose to submit as part of your entry (personal information, email address, etc) will be subject to the Privacy Policy of RTM.
  • Your chances of winning will depend upon the number of entries received. An order won`t improve your winning odds.
  • The prize will be awarded depending of the following rule: The winner of the prize will only get one prize which includes a Jeep Wrangler from 2004 with upgrades.
  • The possible winner needs to prove his eligibility, which will include age, residence, SSN and a LRPR within 5 business days from the notification date.


Official Sponsors

Of course, such a great contest could not been able to take place without some great sponsors. The official sponsors of this sweepstake are Rusty`s Off-Road Products, Paremount Automotive, Daystar™, Optima Batteries and Rugged Radios.

Is an AutoZone Discount Something that I Need?

If you are enthusiastic about driving your car, than you most definitely need a way to cut the expenses for your auto parts. Using an AutoZone discount can be one option. But to be able to use this form of promotional deal, you first need to understand its basics.

About AutoZone Discount

This is a form of promotion deal that the company offers to its customers attract them into buying their products as well as to help them save money. These discounts can be in the form of AutoZone discount codes or online coupons. They are released on a regular basis a few times per month, but also on special occasions when new deals are promoted by the brand

It`s required for everyone to understand that this is not in any way related to an AutoZone employee discount because it has everything to do with customers and not employees. On the other hand, an AutoZone discount sprint is that type of discount that is giving by the company to its employees. This way, if you work for this brand, you can get up to 25% off just by using this discount. If you want to apply for such a discount, you can find more info on the Sprint Discount Request page.

In addition, there`s also a different type of promotional deal that is in the form of a AutoZone discount card, which customers can use to make their orders. When they use this card, a specific amount of money depending on the offer is deducted from the entire order. This type of promotion deal is one of the most popular ones released by the brand.

The discount codes released by AutoZone are the company`s most well known online form of saving money. Some of the most popular codes are this time are:

  • Current Hot Deals & Savings In Your Area
  • Up To 17.9% Off AutoZone Gift Cards From GiftCard Zen
  • 20% Off $100 On Regular-Priced Ship To Home Orders: DAD20
  • Free Shipping On Orders Of $75+ & Free Shipping To APO, FPO, DPO Addresses
  • 10% Off Online Ship To Home Orders: UBER10
  • Free Vehicle Repair Guides When You Register
  • 20% Off $100+: DRL2056
  • Free Car Parts Testing When You Buy The Parts

Additional Forms of Discounts

Having more than 5,000 stores, the company was almost obligated to offer different types of an AutoZone discount in store. This is how discounts for different categories of customers were created, such as the AutoZone military discount, which was only available for military personnel.


Additionally, the brand has also released various types of discounts for specific products, like the AutoZone battery discount, which was only available for customers who wanted to buy batteries.

So, What Do You Think?

So, what`s your opinion about this? Are you going to be one of the company`s new customers that decide to use an AutoZone discount? If yes, you need to not wait no more and take action right away. Or you are going to miss big time.

RockAuto Newsletters Will Share Customers` Best Stories!

Are you ordering your auto parts from RockAuto often? If yes, this company is more than willing to offer you the chance of having your truck or car featured in one or more the company`s regular publications, like social media or monthly newsletter. Daily driver or not, if you send an email to the company`s staff (see below!) with some interesting insights about the history of your car or favorite images if you have some, Rock Auto will be more than interested.

According to the brand`s May Early Edition newsletter, Rock Auto decided to share some of the best stories received from their customers on its site. And this happens for quite some time now.

Pete`s 1983 Camaro is one of those stories published on the website:

“I`ve owned my 1983 Camaro for many years now. It`s an unique version that has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine.

This vehicle has a special meaning for the entire family because I and my father worked at it quite a lot ever since I was in high school. Now I have children of my own and we enjoy working at it together.

It takes quite some time and effort, but we simply love it. We`ve bought auto parts from Rock Auto for quite a few years now, including brake parts, door handles, a distributor or a brake booster.

I would like to thank you RockAuto for making things possible for us to keep our old cars if we want it to, as well as sharing some of our memories on their site.”

This is just one of the great stories Rock Auto`s customers are sharing on the brand`s site or on its newsletters.

Sometimes the best learning experiences come from frustrating fixes, or at least that`s what RockAuto thinks.

Bob from Alberta, Canada has its own repair mistake related story to share:

“I attempt it to fix a 1976 Toyota Corolla for my neighbor. At first seemed to be something related to a carburetor issue, I`ve taken the suspect part and found a wood fragment that was blocking the idle jet. I thought that was the end of it, but when I tried to start the engine, it was idling somehow roughly.

So I`ve started again, replaced all the points, verified ignition timing and changed the spark plugs, but this took me nowhere. Finally, after six hours and a half I found all this happened because of a very small loose screw.”

As you can see, some customers have no worries to share their own problems with the world using this brand`s monthly newsletters.

Advantages offered by this great auto retailer don`t stop here. Customers who are interested in organizing a car show or any other auto event can find help from RockAuto. The company can publish your events through its newsletters. All customers need to do is send their info related to the shows or events to [email protected].

If you want to share about your own experiences with the world through RockAuto, send your own story at [email protected]. Add your mail address and you can maybe also get a Rock Auto t-shirt or hat. For privacy purposes, your story will get credited using only the first name and somehow a vague geographic region.

Why Sometimes People Avoid Buying Parts from Rock Auto?

Where are you buying the auto parts for your car generally? Because if you are used to get them from online sources, then you most definitely have heard about the popular RockAuto parts catalog list.

Because this company offers so low prices, the RockAuto auto parts catalog has grown into a very popular subject on most car related forums. Opinions are split between satisfied and unhappy customers, but it`s rather normal because this happens with just about any business out there.

As mentioned above, unlike Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone, this particular company provides to its customers pretty low prices, maybe the lowest in the market. This is basically why the RockAuto auto parts list and its products have become so well known online. But nobody talks about the downside of the parts sold by RockAuto.

Why Sometimes People Aren`t Satisfied with RockAuto

You may be surprised, but there are people out there who avoid buying auto parts from Rock Auto, despite the many online positive RockAuto parts reviews or the cheap prices this brand provides. Here`s some of the reasons why this may happen:

Same Part Numbers, Wrong Parts

As you can see from this from thread on, sometimes when you purchase parts from this brand, it may happen for you to get other parts than you ordered. This guy on the forum outlines how he ordered 2 emergency brake cables, and although one was fine, the other one had some quality wise flaws as well as some technical issues.

So pay attention when your order arrives as sometimes you may need the RockAuto parts phone number and contact the company`s customer service with such issues.

Another unsatisfied customer on talks about his personal issue with this company. This person says that he chosen the fastest shipping possible as it was just $3 more. A week later his order didn`t arrive and the customer was rather unhappy because he chosen the fastest shipping option.

It might have been a stock problem or anything close to that, and thus an isolate issue. Still, even though most of the times this company has received a lot of positive feedback online because of how fast its shipping services are, sometimes things may go the other way around.

No Concern about the Effects on Customers

On this online DSLReports thread, there`s an unhappy customer who feels he was ripped off. Not only did he received a wrong auto part, but when he attempted to return it, he was promised to receive a credit if he would pay to ship back the item only to never receive it. On top of the payment for the auto parts he ordered, he also paid for shipping back as well as a 15% restocking fee. Talking about pure and simple rip off, right?

Unhelpful Customer Service

On the RockAuto`s, the monkeygolf104 user is concerned about the company`s customer service. The client says that all it`s good with Rock Auto only if the order goes smoothly. As soon as a customer needs to deal with their customer service, things may not go so well. This person is talking about ordering a heater core for a 1973 Corvette, has some issues when installing the part and then tried explain his problem over the phone and through an email sent to the RockAuto`s customer service department. He sent the part back clean and in its original box but his problem didn`t get any result. So he filed a complaint on

buying parts from Rock Auto

What`s your Opinion?

As you can see, although the used RockAuto parts catalog is a very popular subject online on most car related forums, not all the feedback is a positive one.

But what`s your opinion about this? What do you think about purchasing auto parts from Rock Auto? In which category do you find yourself? In the ‘unhappy customers’ category or the one of the ‘satisfied customers’?

SolarGuard Reflective Sunshade Wholesales Closeout!

Do you want to keep your car, SUV or truck cooler for the rest of the summer? If yes, then you`ll be happy to know that RockAuto can provide a SolarGuard Reflective sunshade windshield cover for all interested customers.

Now by using SolarGuard`s products you can forget about the original retail or wholesale prices and get these premium sunshade windshield covers at less than $4.

What these covers do is fasten to the outside of the windshields and block the rays of the sun before entering the car. The most beautiful part of all this is that heat won`t build up next to your windshield and the dash as well as the electronics located behind your dash will remain cooler.SolarGurad_Gold

Are you a person who is used to travel a lot? Then you maybe are used to leaving your car at the airport, but not always find enough time to install a car cover or the space to haul. With SolarGuard these issues stop right here because it offers a car cover level protection for the windshield in 2 different sizes. The covers can be attached in a matter of seconds using a strap that is adjustable along with a rail system so you can be sure you`ll get an optimal fit for your car or SUV.

Just as with any other Wholesales Closeout, quantities may be limited. Use the “Tools & Universal Parts” tab to find your very own SolarGuard Reflective sunshade windshield cover, and then access the “Window” category next to the “Accessories” tab from the RockAuto catalog web page. In addition, if you feel you cannot manage to find the above guidelines, simply click here!.

Fram Filter Rebate: Get $4 Back via Mail!

The new partnership between RockAuto and FRAM brings us a new rebate in which customers can get $4 back via mail.

FRAM is a company launched over 75 years ago that deals with high quality air and oil filters for just about any vehicle out there. Users can visit the official site of the company and use the interactive displays or catalog to find a product that is suitable to their needs.

Practically, to be eligible for this rebate you need to buy 1 FRAM air filter and 1 FRAM oil filter of your choosing and you`ll immediately be able to get 4$ back via mail.

How to Qualify of the Rebate?

  • Buy any of the products outlined above until August 31, 2016;
  • All receipts of the rebate dated before March 01, 2016 and August 31, 2016 won`t be accepted;
  • Proof-of-order for this rebate`s submissions can`t be photocopied or reproduced in any way;
  • Selling or trading proof-of-order isn`t allowed;
  • Retain a copy of the receipt for ordered products for your personal records;
  • This deal can`t be combined with other deals or discounts;
  • Void where licensed, restricted, prohibited or taxed;
  • Any lost, stolen or damaged rebate forms won`t be honored;
  • You should allow 6 to 8 weeks for this rebate`s shipment;
  • Cut out any FRAM UPC symbol from every package;
  • Circle the prices that were paid on the original receipts (both products need to be ordered on the same receipt);
  • Enclose the form of the filled out rebate and mail all products to the below address;
  • You can get a form from or by clicking the image below.FRAM filter rebate

All documents should be mailed at:

FRAM 2016 Oil and Air filter $4 Mail In Rebate
Offer# 38442
PO Box 6029
Douglas, AZ 85655-6029

Did You Know that RockAuto Offers Gift Cards?

Did you know that RockAuto is one of the only auto retailers who release gift certificates for its customers? Also known as gift cards, these gift certificates make the ideal gift for any of your friends that you know to be car enthusiasts. They are not only easy to use, but also easy to purchase. In a few seconds you`ll have a wonderful gift to offer without even needing to leave your room.

RockAuto Gift Certificate Details

  • RockAuto offers both traditional and e-gift cards;
  • Both types of gift certificates can be redeemed at;
  • The gift cards are being released in denominations from $25 to $100, but also with a customer amount option;
  • E-gift card delivery is free. You only need to add an email address as a shipping option;
  • The gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash;
  • The gift cards cannot be rent back for a refund;
  • The gift certificates are valid for 5 years from the date they were issued;
  • RockAuto isn`t responsible from any stolen or lost gift cards;
  • Each gift card has a code assigned which can be used when making an order.

How to Order a RockAuto Gift Card?

If you want to purchase a gift certificate from RockAuto, you first need to learn what steps to follow in completing the process. Check out the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Denominations & Format – The very first thing you need to do is choose the denominations of your new gift card. You have options from $25 to $100, or you can go with the custom amount option if you should desire so. Then, you need to choose the format in which your gift certificate will be send.rockauto gift card
  1. Shopping Cart – The next steps is to add your new gift card to the shopping card to proceed further.
  1. Adjusting Quantity – At this point, you have to adjust the quantity of your gift cards you want to buy. For the Custom Amount option, you just need to add the denomination it will interest you in the “Price” section.
  1. Billing & Ship to Details – Add your info in the Billing field and the email address of the person you are offering your gift in the Shipping field.
  1. Setting Shipping Option – For e-gift cards, choose email as shipping option. For plastic gift cards, choose any different shipping option.
  1. Choose Payment Option – Follow the guidelines and add your method of payment.
  1. Finalize Your Order – Click the “Place Order” button and finalize your purchase. When your order is validated, you`ll receive a confirmation email and the gift certificate will be sent as you indicated according to the shipping option chosen.

Are the Cheap Prices & Discounts from RockAuto Really Worth It

It`s almost common sense these days that if you own a car, you need to think cheaply. If you didn`t hear by now about the unbelievable cheap prices RockAuto`s offering or about the great RockAuto discounts available on car related message boards and blogs, then you either don`t have any financial issues to confront with or you don`t usually use online auto parts discounts.

RockAuto – Best Option for Online Auto Parts!

According to most recent data, RockAuto is seen as one of the best choices in terms of online auto parts purchases. You can find a lot more RockAuto discount auto parts than you might think, and after you find what you need on the RockAuto parts catalog list available on the company`s site, you`ll have a pleasant surprise when paying for your order – the price will be really cheap.

Sometimes RockAuto shipping prices aren`t so great and the company often prefers to lose customers than cover for shipping on parts that need to be exchanged for wrong info in the brand`s ordering system. This sucks from the customer`s point of view, but Advance auto discounts or AutoZone discounts offer bigger savings for a reason – the original prices of the auto parts are a lot more expensive than what RockAuto`s offering. So it`s only logical to assume that the company can`t offer cheaper prices than the competition and also match the prices of the other auto retailing brands.

Let`s say you have to change a part for your car like for example, a bearing. You`ll be able to find at Advance Auto Parts for $219, while RockAuto will offer it for $150 along with an additional $20 for shipping the part. Most customers will immediately turn to RockAuto for the obvious reason. And while is true that you can find a RockAuto price match for most parts at other brands like AutoZone or Summit Racing, these are still rare occasions and it`s better to stick with what you know than losing countless hours searching online and comparing deals from different auto retailers.

If you really want to save money, the trick is when using the RockAuto auto parts catalog to use the “Trucks” icons or at least use the “Choose for Me to Minimize Costs” tool. This will allow you to find auto parts that can ship together, meaning they`ll be sent from one warehouse (if possible), and thus avoiding additional shipping expenses.

RockAuto Reviews Don`t Always Reflect Reality

According to`s review page, almost close to none of the reviews posted on that page are related to the prices the company`s providing or the RockAuto discount codes released every month on online forums. That should really mean something, don`t you think?

And if you have some sort of minimal experience online, than you know best than paying too much attention to any negative RockAuto parts review you find on the internet. Most of those reviews are nothing more than the personal opinion of some upset customer because either RockAuto isn`t offering free shipping services or perhaps because a part took too long to be received.RockAuto cheap prices

Your Thoughts!

I don`t buy auto parts for a long time from this company but now that I see how great it is to pay cheap prices and still be satisfied with what you get, I would say that the days when buying parts from other auto retailers are gone.

So you tell me! Are the RockAuto discounts and the cheap prices offered by this company worth your trouble? I think yes, wouldn`t you agree?

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