Why Sometimes People Avoid Buying Parts from Rock Auto?

Where are you buying the auto parts for your car generally? Because if you are used to get them from online sources, then you most definitely have heard about the popular RockAuto parts catalog list.

Because this company offers so low prices, the RockAuto auto parts catalog has grown into a very popular subject on most car related forums. Opinions are split between satisfied and unhappy customers, but it`s rather normal because this happens with just about any business out there.

As mentioned above, unlike Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone, this particular company provides to its customers pretty low prices, maybe the lowest in the market. This is basically why the RockAuto auto parts list and its products have become so well known online. But nobody talks about the downside of the parts sold by RockAuto.

Why Sometimes People Aren`t Satisfied with RockAuto

You may be surprised, but there are people out there who avoid buying auto parts from Rock Auto, despite the many online positive RockAuto parts reviews or the cheap prices this brand provides. Here`s some of the reasons why this may happen:

Same Part Numbers, Wrong Parts

As you can see from this from thread on Nastyz28.com, sometimes when you purchase parts from this brand, it may happen for you to get other parts than you ordered. This guy on the forum outlines how he ordered 2 emergency brake cables, and although one was fine, the other one had some quality wise flaws as well as some technical issues.

So pay attention when your order arrives as sometimes you may need the RockAuto parts phone number and contact the company`s customer service with such issues.

Another unsatisfied customer on Forums.anandtech.com talks about his personal issue with this company. This person says that he chosen the fastest shipping possible as it was just $3 more. A week later his order didn`t arrive and the customer was rather unhappy because he chosen the fastest shipping option.

It might have been a stock problem or anything close to that, and thus an isolate issue. Still, even though most of the times this company has received a lot of positive feedback online because of how fast its shipping services are, sometimes things may go the other way around.

No Concern about the Effects on Customers

On this online DSLReports thread, there`s an unhappy customer who feels he was ripped off. Not only did he received a wrong auto part, but when he attempted to return it, he was promised to receive a credit if he would pay to ship back the item only to never receive it. On top of the payment for the auto parts he ordered, he also paid for shipping back as well as a 15% restocking fee. Talking about pure and simple rip off, right?

Unhelpful Customer Service

On the RockAuto`s Resellerratings.com, the monkeygolf104 user is concerned about the company`s customer service. The client says that all it`s good with Rock Auto only if the order goes smoothly. As soon as a customer needs to deal with their customer service, things may not go so well. This person is talking about ordering a heater core for a 1973 Corvette, has some issues when installing the part and then tried explain his problem over the phone and through an email sent to the RockAuto`s customer service department. He sent the part back clean and in its original box but his problem didn`t get any result. So he filed a complaint on Resellerratings.com.

buying parts from Rock Auto

What`s your Opinion?

As you can see, although the used RockAuto parts catalog is a very popular subject online on most car related forums, not all the feedback is a positive one.

But what`s your opinion about this? What do you think about purchasing auto parts from Rock Auto? In which category do you find yourself? In the ‘unhappy customers’ category or the one of the ‘satisfied customers’?

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