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$100 Cash Back Monroe Shock/Strut Rebate

If you are looking to save some money on a shock/strut rebate, then you`re in luck because this is exactly what the partnership between RockAuto and Monroe brings to you.

With this Monroe shock/strut rebate you can get up to a $100 VISA prepaid card just from purchasing qualifying Monroe or Rancho shocks or struts.

About Monroe® Shocks and Struts

Monroe® Shocks and Struts is seen as among the most reputable auto and commercial vehicle brands. Last year, the company celebrated an extensive schedule of promotional deals, programs as well as other activities specifically designed for supporting thousands of providers of auto parts and services as well as millions of customers all over the world who rely on the company`s products. Tenneco is the company that manufacturers Monroe struts, shock absorbers as well as other items.

About the Monroe Rebate

  • Order 4 qualifying Monroe or Rancho shocks and receive a $50 Visa prepaid card.
  • Order 2 qualifying Monroe shocks & struts and receive a $75 Visa prepaid card.
  • Order 4 qualifying Monroe struts and receive a $100 Visa prepaid card.

How It Works?

  • Buy any of the qualifying items listed above and receive a Visa prepaid card for the exact dollar amount specified.
  • The deal doesn`t include any costs of installation or labor.
  • The rebate is only valid for the qualifying items.
  • This rebate is only valid in Puerto Rico and USA.
  • The rebate is limited one for address, person or household.
  • This deal cannot be combined with any other Tenneco deal or rebate.
  • You need to submit the items below until 31.05.2017.
  1. Copy or original of dated sales receipt which should include the of the business and address info to get the Visa card.
  2. Fill this form and keep in mind to not submit the rebate with empty fields.
  3. The UPC barcode that should include the part number from the package or carton of all items.$100 Cash Back Monroe Shock/Strut Rebate

Cheap Auto Parts: Best Online Retailers in the Field

If you arrived to this post, you are probably one of those customers who aren`t too impressed about RockAuto and are looking for other options in terms of cheap auto parts. Well, you come to the right place – we have some options for you.

There are many online auto retailers out there that may be a good fit for your needs, but we chosen what we thought to be the best 3 options.

Auto Parts Warehouse: Discount Car & Truck Parts

Established over 20 years ago, Auto Parts Warehouse is seen as one the top companies in terms of online orders of auto parts in the U.S. The website has over 2.000.000 visitors each month on average.

The online web store has a very comprehensive catalog list of more than 500.000 parts or accessories from top manufacturers both domestic and foreign. But this isn`t even the best part! The best part is the unbelievable rates customers can benefit from – up to 70% of retail prices.

Check out some of the latest specials available at

  • Free Shipping on orders over $50 + 5% Back in APW Rewards.
  • Tonno Pro – Holiday Deals – Save up to $30 + Free Gifts.
  • Eibach – Pro-Truck $50 Shock Rebate.
  • Pro Comp – Save up to $50 by Mail on Select Sets of 4 Pro Comp Wheels.
  • Green Monday Week-Long Sale – 50% off on Parts & Accessories + Double Points.

Discount Auto Parts

Ever since the company started in 1983, Discount Auto Parts was serving all its loyal clients from the entire world. From Zurich to Anchorage, the brand`s customers contact them not only for their exceptional quality of their items, but also for their superior service. The company is proud to count on reliable U.S. servicewomen and men who can deliver auto parts to customers stationed all over the globe on a daily basis.

Visit this auto retailer here and check out its latest deals:

  • Free Shipping on Order over $49 – Enter Coupon Code: 007.
  • Save 10% on Online Order – Use Coupon Code: XMAS.
  • Permatex 2016 Remote Control Car Prepak – $39.95

Car Parts is seen as one of the most trust-worthy car parts & accessories store. The brand has a full selection of quality auto parts for a large range of vehicle models – and they are also provided at the lowest possible prices. This company also has the lead when talking about online shopping with no hassle as its customer service is available 24/7.

No matter what you need – air filter, alternators, A/C compressors & parts, belts, brake rotors & pads, body mechanical & trim, oxygen sensors, carburetors, ball joints, engine parts or steering items – has them all.


So, don`t forget! You don`t necessarily need to buy from RockAuto to be a satisfied customer. Any of the above auto retailers is still a good option and you can get a deal just as great as if you would if you would have bought from RockAuto.

Napa Auto Parts: Rewards, Rebates & Locations

Did you know that RockAuto isn`t the only reliable online auto retailer out there? Napa Auto Parts, or National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA), can also be a trustworthy option for all customers.

About Napa

This company was found in 1925 and is one of the most popular retailers of auto parts, service products and accessories in North America.

NAPA has more than 6.000 stores opened all over the U.S., 1.110 of them being owned by Genuine Parts Company, while the others are independently owned. Around fifteen thousand NAPA Auto Care service facilities are mostly in operation for repair or maintenance services.

Besides the U.S., this brand also has locations in Canada through United Auto Parts, which is a small division of Genuine Parts Company, but it also operates through NAPA Auto facilities that offers repair services in Mexico as well as other various facilities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Three years ago, Genuine Parts Company has taken over Exego Group, one of the leading distributors of auto parts and accessories in Australasia.

Napa Products & Services

This company carries auto replacement parts, auto accessories, paint supplies, equipment and tools, marine supplies as well as heavy duty parts. The brand operates a company which deals with parts repackaging which is known as Balkamp.

Napa Rewards

You can begin doing the same thing you are doing, only a bit different – shopping at Napa by using Napa Rewards. You`ll receive 1 point for each $1 you spend after signing up at any participating location. After gathering 100 points, you will get $5 off for your next NAPA order. It doesn`t get any easier than this!

You can also pay with cash. However, you`ll need to let the counterperson be aware that you are already a member of the program or you would want to join NAPA Rewards.

When using NAPA Rewards, you don`t need to worry about any hassle. The program is completely digital, so you are able to track your rewards as well as verify your statement on the internet. There`s no paper statements to use, and you don`t also need to flip through the wallet for your credit card. Just getting rewards for the fact that you are shopping for discount auto parts.

How the process works? At the moment, only certain stores take part in NAPA Rewards. If you are interested in having your store included in this program, contact the company here.

Napa Rebates & Monthly Specials

Unlike Carquest or Pep Boys, NAPA offers rebates and monthly specials. Not even AutoZone or O`Reilly Auto Parts offers rebates. The only other auto retailer that offers them is RockAuto. Visit, find a rebate, submit your rebate or track it – it`s that easy!

Each promotional deal has specific date ranges in which customers are able to order and then submit their info to be eligible for the rebate. If you won`t be able to make your order within the specified dates, you won`t be eligible for the rebate.

All the info requested on the Official Rebate Claim form need to be completed. You shouldn`t let any black or empty spaces in the form. In addition, the company may request to verify your order.

The completed claim form along with any other requirements needs to be mailed to the actual address that is listed in the form.  You should be certain you offer the right postage for the mailing, especially if you`ll mail to an address outside your country.


Napa Auto Parts Locations

If you need to find the nearest NAPA store, just add your location below and hit the Search button.

      RockAuto Discounts vs. Other Auto Parts Discounts

      Have you ever been interested in using auto parts discounts from other auto retailers than RockAuto? Well, now you can compare between some of the most important companies that are available online terms of parts for your car.

      RockAuto Discounts or Summit Racing Discounts?

      Have you heard about Summit Racing Equipment? You probably have, as it`s the largest mail order auto performance equipment brand in the world. Having thousands and thousands of performance auto parts, stock replacement parts tools or garage equipment from which to choose, autocompany stocks more auto parts for cars or trucks than any other auto retailer out there.

      In terms of discounts, there`s the popular Summit Racing coupon which can always compete with the 5% RockAuto code because it`s able to offer bigger savings for the company`s customers. Just take a pick at the list below and see just a small percentage of what Summit Racing is able to offer in terms of discounts:

      • 15% Off Mothers Car Care Items
      • 10% Off Baer Brakes
      • 10% Off Select A-iPower Portable Generators
      • Up to 74% Off Screaming Deals
      • 10% Off McGard Jeep Items
      • 10% Off Professional Items Powerflow Fuel Pressure Regulators
      • 10% Off Nitrous Express Items
      • 10% Off Kluhsman Racing Items

      Seeing these deals, one might think that RockAuto is more suitable for your everyday driver, while Summit Racing is more for drivers with real skills behind the wheel of cars with real performances. Although this isn`t far away from the truth, Summit Racing is able to offer auto parts for regular drivers as well.

      Is AM Autoparts Better than RockAuto?

      It might have happened more than once for you to go to a website and thought “I`m getting the part that I need for my car from here – what could go wrong?” Well, there are lots of bad things that could happen. You may not be able to find the part you need or you may get the wrong parts. You may also not be able to get the price you want, because not all auto retailers are able to offer what you can afford.

      If we came to talk about prices and discounts, you should take a closer look at what the “AM” in the company name means. It stands for “AFTERMARKET,” which means you get discount parts from the start. This company has in stock a large selection of replacement power window motors, door handles, headlights, mirrors or handles, and these are just to name a few. The brand`s warehouse is always ready for your order.

      In terms of discounts and savings, AM Autoparts has lots of deals to offer, as you can notice:

      • 70% Off BMW Front Lower Rearward Control Arm & Free Shipping
      • Up to 69% Off Suzuki Vitara Exhaust Manifolds & Free Shipping
      • 48% Off Dodge Durango Transmission Oil Cooler & Free Shipping
      • 64% Off BMW Front Lower Rearward Control Control Arm & Free Ground Shipping
      • 45% Off Acura CL Headlight & Free Shipping
      • 53% Off Jeep Cherokee Rear Leaf Spring & Free Shipping
      • 5% Off Your Order: SchoolsOutSaving
      • 10% Off: C-AMM00100L
      • 5% Off Your Future Purchase: RepairResolutions

      I know that you`ll think those 5% discount codes from RockAuto can be used for any part you need, while the above deals are only available for specific auto parts from certain car models, but common – 70% for a BMW auto part? Where can you get a better deal?

      JC Whitney Coupon or RockAuto Coupon?

      If you aren`t able to find or use a coupon code released by RockAuto for any reason, there are other options out there than Autozone coupon codes or Advance Auto coupon codes – like a JC Whitney coupon.

      According to the “About Us” page, JC Whitney has been a brand that satisfies its customers from any point of view for over 100 years. It offers a comprehensive collection of auto parts at the lowest possible prices. There is practically no reason to regret using its services.

      If you take a quick glimpse of the list of auto parts JC Whitney offers, you`ll see that the brand it does in fact offer the best deals and the lowest prices around. Most deals are more than 50% lower than what you get in other stores.

      You might be tempted to believe you won`t get a better deal than at RockAuto. There are big chances to be very wrong. Just take a look at the below list and compare:

      • 50% Off for the Next Order of $100 & Facebook Like
      • 10% Off Orders Of $49: SW49CB
      • $12 Off Purchases at Least $150 + Free Shipping: YOUDECIDE
      • 8% Off Purchases Over $99: JCWAFF8
      • Up To $50 Off Extang Trifecta Tonneau Covers
      • Up To $100 Money Back for Select Autometer Gauges
      • 10% Off for Orders of MBRP Exhaust Systems
      • $75 Off on Order of Qualifying Corsa Air Intake or Performance Exhaust

      Now that you are aware of what it`s out there in terms of JC Whitney coupon codes, let`s take a quick look at what`s RockAuto offering:

      • 4966786044568556 – Expires 10/16/16
      • 4968993037543882 – Expires 10/16/16
      • 6BC26B00507E21 – Expires 12/16/16
      • 5161133346169253 – Expires 11/27/16
      • 5072514534461405 – Expires 06/06/16
      • Up to $48 Off on Select Autolite Plug via Mail in Rebate

      Besides the Autolite Plug rebate, which seems great by the way, do you know what the above deals all have in common? They all are 5% off discount codes, so you won`t be able to save more than 5% per deal, no matter what auto part you decide to buy. That`s pretty far off than those great $75 off or 50% off deals that JC Whitney discounts are offering, right?

      RockAuto Coupons vs. Pep Boys Coupons: Which Are Better?

      Have you heard about Pep Boys, the great tire auto aftermarket chain from the U.S.? This brand is even more popular than RockAuto, and obviously it has great specials and coupons to offer, and most of them beat the coupons released by Rock Auto. The one that I think is the most popular at the moment is the “Buy 3 Tires, Get the 4th Free” deal, but also the latest “Buy 2 or More Tires and get 15% Off” deal looks pretty

      You might think that being a tire automotive aftermarket company, you can only purchase tires from this brand. You can never be more wrong! Here you`ll also be able to find brake kits, motor oil, antifreeze, additives and chemicals, jacks and ramps, ignition items, suspension products or batteries.

      Although RockAuto will also offer discounts for pretty much all these auto parts as well, you won`t never see $20 off or 30$ off coupon deals at them like Pep Boys offers as you can see from the list below:

      • $20 Off Synthetic Motor Oil Change Service
      • 30% Off Purchase Select Parts & Accessories: PEP30
      • $49.99 Alignment with Order & Install of 4 Tires
      • 15% Off Select Service
      • 25% Off Batteries: PEP25BATT
      • Up to $30 off Wheel Alignment
      • 10% Off 2 Select Tires: ROLLOUT10
      • 20% Off Auto Maintenance & Repair

      Other Options in Terms of Auto Parts Discounts

      Although for many people the first thought that comes into mind when thinking of auto parts discounts is RockAuto, this may not always be the best choice depending on various aspects. So what there`s to do in such situations? You can always choose the services of another auto retailer, right?

      • Parts Geek – This is the place where you can find millions of Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet or Honda parts at unbeatable prices. has both domestic and import warehouses, so may have something to gain from the shipping expenses as well.
      • AM Autoparts Coupon – AM Autoparts, or After Market Auto Parts for those who aren`t familiar with the company, has headlights, mirrors, shocks & struts, wheel bearings, suspension items and more, all at unbelievable prices. Besides this, there`s also the AM autoparts coupon that can be very helpful at times. For instance, there`s the “70% Off BMW Front Lower Rearward Control Arm + Free Shipping” coupon available on which looks pretty great, obviously.
      • Auto Parts Warehouse Coupon – Are you looking for discount car & truck parts? Auto Parts Warehouse could be the right online source for your needs. And with coupons like “Auto P10% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping On $50+ arts Warehouse Coupon” (WELCOME10) or “5% Off Your Order ” (MOBILE), how can you go wrong?
      • JC Whitney Coupon – JCWhitney may be the exactly what you have been looking for in terms of car, motorcycle or truck parts and accessories. Why is that? Because just like RockAuto or Auto Parts Warehouse, this brand also offers pretty great discounts, such as $30 off on floor mat orders or savings of up to $50 with every order of an Extang Trifecta Tonneau cover.

      What Do You Know About AutoZone`s Product Return Policy?

      Let`s say you have ordered an auto part from AutoZone and you want to return it. Wouldn`t you say improving your knowledge on the company`s return policy would be a good thing for you?

      AutoZone, the Big Fish!

      Unlike Pep Boys, Orileys or AutoTrader, this brand is a big fish between the online auto part stores. What this means is that because the company`s name is at stake, customers are always treated with respect. This includes the return policy of products as well, because product return is a big deal for this brand.

      Return Policy Guidelines

      Customers who are interested in returning products to this company need only to take the specific item, put it in its original package or box, and bring it to any of the company`s stores. Keep in mind to drain all its fluids if necessary before returning your product. It`s also recommended to take the credit card you have used to order your item and visit the store between working AutoZone hours.

      Customers should remember that all product returns are generally subject to that specific AutoZone store Return Policy. Also, keep in mind that not all items can be returned. For example, most sales of products that are customizable are final, and thus can`t be returned.

      All customers who are eligible for product refunds will be reimbursed for any shipping expenses made. Unline Rockauto free shipping, which by the way it doesn`t exist, AutoZone free shipping is a real deal. If the company has done any mistakes or if your item is somehow defective when received, the brand will pay all refund you all shipping expenses.

      Customers who are shipping from any location within the U.S. and have received a defective product, the company will offer them a pre-paid return shipping label. This label is to be placed outsize the package or box, and then dropped at any facility that deals with the shipping of products.

      For customers who are shipping from United States territories or an overseas location, the brand can reimburse them if any mistakes has been made from the company`s fault. In such situations, a check is issued with a shipping dollar amount that usually appears on the label of the carrier.

      In-Store Return Policy

      Products that are returned to a specific AutoZone store needs to be brought within 90 days from the date they have been ordered. Defective product returns should be made within the warranty period. If the product was installed or used, any requests for refunds can be denied.

      The company`s store may reserve the right to ask for valid photo IDs issued by the government which will always be recorded with the store`s database.

      If you no longer have the product`s receipt and you want to return it, you should get in touch with the company`s customer support and ask for the transaction info regarding your purchase. You`ll also be explained by the customer service`s representative the entire process of how you should return your product to your nearest store.autozones-product-return-policy


      AutoZone takes its customers very seriously and when it comes to the return policy of its products, there is no room for error.

      Is an AutoZone Discount Something that I Need?

      If you are enthusiastic about driving your car, than you most definitely need a way to cut the expenses for your auto parts. Using an AutoZone discount can be one option. But to be able to use this form of promotional deal, you first need to understand its basics.

      About AutoZone Discount

      This is a form of promotion deal that the company offers to its customers attract them into buying their products as well as to help them save money. These discounts can be in the form of AutoZone discount codes or online coupons. They are released on a regular basis a few times per month, but also on special occasions when new deals are promoted by the brand

      It`s required for everyone to understand that this is not in any way related to an AutoZone employee discount because it has everything to do with customers and not employees. On the other hand, an AutoZone discount sprint is that type of discount that is giving by the company to its employees. This way, if you work for this brand, you can get up to 25% off just by using this discount. If you want to apply for such a discount, you can find more info on the Sprint Discount Request page.

      In addition, there`s also a different type of promotional deal that is in the form of a AutoZone discount card, which customers can use to make their orders. When they use this card, a specific amount of money depending on the offer is deducted from the entire order. This type of promotion deal is one of the most popular ones released by the brand.

      The discount codes released by AutoZone are the company`s most well known online form of saving money. Some of the most popular codes are this time are:

      • Current Hot Deals & Savings In Your Area
      • Up To 17.9% Off AutoZone Gift Cards From GiftCard Zen
      • 20% Off $100 On Regular-Priced Ship To Home Orders: DAD20
      • Free Shipping On Orders Of $75+ & Free Shipping To APO, FPO, DPO Addresses
      • 10% Off Online Ship To Home Orders: UBER10
      • Free Vehicle Repair Guides When You Register
      • 20% Off $100+: DRL2056
      • Free Car Parts Testing When You Buy The Parts

      Additional Forms of Discounts

      Having more than 5,000 stores, the company was almost obligated to offer different types of an AutoZone discount in store. This is how discounts for different categories of customers were created, such as the AutoZone military discount, which was only available for military personnel.


      Additionally, the brand has also released various types of discounts for specific products, like the AutoZone battery discount, which was only available for customers who wanted to buy batteries.

      So, What Do You Think?

      So, what`s your opinion about this? Are you going to be one of the company`s new customers that decide to use an AutoZone discount? If yes, you need to not wait no more and take action right away. Or you are going to miss big time.

      ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate 2016

      Once again RockAuto and ACDelco have united to give us a great rebate starting with the beginning of 2016. The ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate is available for the entire year for all the spark plugs listed below:

      • Professional Iridium ($2/plug)
      • Professional Double Platinum ($1.50/plug)
      • Rapidfire Performance Single Platinum($1.00/plug)
      • Professional Conventional ($.50/plug)


      What to Do:

      • This rebate is only valid on Rapidfire or professional spark plugs ordered and installed along this year.
      • The rebate deal is valid only for ACDelco Rapidfire Perforamnce Single Platinum, ACDelco Professional Double Platinum, ACDelco Professional Iridium, ACDelco Professional Double Platinum.
      • All info must be completed properly and legibly.
      • If ordered from a particular retailer, enclose UPC blocks from the qualifying ACDelco spark plug boxes.

      DelcoPlug16Mail all items to:

      ACDelco Spark Plug

      Rebate Offer Number 6600 9

      PO Box 6970

      Mesa, AZ 85216

      Rancho Rock Gear Rebate 2016

      Do you want to know about the last rebate RockAuto is offering in partnership with Rancho® Performance Suspension & Shocks? This deal offers customers $75 back if they buy Rancho rockGEAR™ for their Jeep JK or TJ. Check out other details below:

      • rockGEAR™ parts with $150 to $325…$25 Visa Card
      • rockGEAR™ parts with $326 to $525…$50 Visa Card
      • rockGEAR™ parts with $526 or more…$75 Visa Card

      RANCHOGearUpThis rebate is available between January 1st and February 29th, 2016.

      How It Works:

      • Buy Rancho items that qualify and receive a Visa card from Tenneco for the amount of dollars specified next to your order. The deal isn`t available taxes or costs that involve labor or installation, and is only available for the items that are qualified (See list below!)
      • Submit the following products by mail until 31.03.2016 to get the Visa card.
      • The deal is only available for US and Puerto Rico and is an end user deal.
      • Any claims for dealers, clubs, businesses, distributors, groups or clubs won`t be honored.
      • Orders made on eBay and other online auction sites don`t qualify for the rebate.
      • Limit 1 rebate per address, person or household. An exception is being made in Rhode Island where the limit is of 2 per household.
      • This rebate may not be combined with a different Tenneco rebate, deal or discount.
      • You should allow 8 to 10 weeks for the entire process to finish.

      Rancho qualifying products



      Omix-ADA Rebate

      Another cool deal from RockAuto in partnership with Omix-ADA where for the entire year of 2016, customers can enjoy a 5% rebate. Of course, if you buy more, you save more!

      Customers are able to receive up to $200 in cash from Omix-ADA for 1 single invoice (min. order $149.99) as well as up to $2,000 for the whole year of 2016 (max. ten invoices).

      The idea is simple! Purchase a single invoice of more than $149.99 of items from Alloy USA, Rugged Ridge, Precision Gear or Omix-ADA (they are all collectively seen as Omix-ADA family brand items) and receive a rebate in cash.

      You can always find more such rebates at: RockAuto Current Promotions and Manufacturer Rebates.


      Mailing Address

      • Omix-ADA
      • Attn: Rebates
      • 460 Horizon Drive, Ste 400
      • Suwanee, GA 30024