PowerStop 1-Click Brake Kit Rebate

Did you know that now you can get up to $30 back with the PowerStop rebate? This is possible due to a new partnership between RockAuto and PowerStop.

About PowerStop Rebate

If you want to become eligible for this rebate, you need to buy 1 or 2 PowerStop Performance Upgrade 1-Click brake kits only from until the end of March 2017.

You`ll also need to enclose the original invoice. It will be recommended to add your own copy of the records as RockAuto outlines that will include the order date along with the part number. Use this form to see for which rebate you apply.

Terms & Conditions

  • The limit is of 2 rebates for each customer.
  • This deal cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Any request from PO boxes will not be allowed (exception in ND).
  • The items for the claimed rebate cannot be returned.
  • Fraudulent submissions that include multiple requests may lead to federal prosecution under the United States Mail Fraud Status.
  • The rebate is valid for customers who have mailing address in the United States.
  • All checks for this rebate are paid in the United States dollars.
  • The checks of this rebate will become void if they can`t be reissued and aren`t cashed before expiration.
  • The rebate`s sponsor isn`t responsible for any submissions that are lost, damaged, misdirected, late or illegible.
  • You can check your rebate`s status by calling at 1 800 953 3098 or visiting
  • You should allow 8 to 10 weeks for your submission to be processed from the time it`s received.

$50 LUND Fender Flare Rebate

Did you know that now you can claim your own $50 Prepaid VISA card with this new rebate coming from RockAuto and LUND?

About LUND

LUND designs some of the most stylish auto accessories for just about anything you can think of from passenger cars to SUVs or trucks. The products of this brand includes just about anything you can imagine: storage boxes, vents decals, grille coverings, hood shields, fender, floor coverings or cargo management.

LUND Fender Flare Rebate

Purchase any 4-piece set of LUND Fender Flares until the end of March 2017 and get $50 cash back in the form of your own Prepaid VISA card.

Follow the below guidelines and become eligible for this great rebate:

  • Buy the qualifying items until 31st March 2017.
  • Circle the description, price paid and product number on the order receipt and offer the info requested in this form.
  • Remove the 12-digidt barcode and tape it to the above form.
  • Make certain you`ll cut out and retain your UPC label from the item carton if another person installs the item.
  • Add an online order confirmation or photocopy of your register receipt where you should be detailed the order date, quantity, price paid and qualifying item description.
  • Any requests with no UPC barcode won`t be processed.
  • Any shipping barcodes won`t be accepted.
  • Receipts of credit cards don`t qualify as order proof.
  • UPC barcode and order proof are mandatory. Any request should be postmarked by 30th April 2017.

Use the below address to mail all required proof of order documents:

LUND Offer #LD1118

PO Box 130021

El Paso, TX 88513


Get $5 Back with the Carter Fuel Systems Rebate

Have you heard of the latest rebate brought to you by Carter and RockAuto from which you can get $5 back if you purchase fuel system products?

About Carter Fuel Systems

The idea is simple. You should choose this company`s products because it`s in the market from 1909 as a leading manufacturer of complete solutions. The team behind this brand work non-stop to deliver to you high quality filtration items which usually exceed OE standards. The company`s coverage spans marine, domestic, diesel and import applications.

Why to Choose Carter?

  • Passionate team that is driven by details.
  • Complete solutions in one single box offers easy and fast installation.
  • Quality fuel-pump items that will save you money as well as time.
  • All items are 100% tested to offer high quality performance and effectiveness.
  • CleanScreen™ filtration technology offers 40% more capacity than competitive items and offers more life to the pumps.

Carter $5 Back Fuel Pump Rebate

Buy any fuel pump item (Electric, Universal, Assemblies, GDI or Mechanical) from Carter and get 5% back.

  • The rebate is eligible for the entire month of February 2017.
  • Wholesaler Closeout items aren`t eligible for the rebate.
  • This rebate is only available for U.S. residents over 18 years old.
  • You should wait at least 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
  • Claim should be postmarked until March 15th
  • There`ll be no response given for incomplete or inaccurate requests.
  • This rebate can`t be mixed with other deals.
  • The rebate isn`t available to dealers, manufacturers or distributors.
  • All checks of this rebate will be paid in United States dollars.
  • Send this online coupon fully filled with the necessary details along with:
  • UPC symbols taken from any Carter product ordered.
  • A validated order receipt from RockAuto having the order price circled.Carter Fuel Systems Rebate

Note: for any questions or inquiries, use the customer service number 1 800 288 7426.

ACDelco’s 2017 Consumer Spark Plug Rebate

ACDelco and RockAuto has put together their forces and released the ACDelco 2017 consumer spark plug rebate in which anyone eligible can get up to $3 cash back per plug.

About ACDelco

ACDelco is considered a leading supplier of GM auto replacement parts. With more than 90,000 parts along 37 item lines, ACDelco is proud to say that its products are all over the globe. As a premier supplier of auto replacement parts and services, its main focus is to build a reputation as the Nr. 1 source of automotive parts.

The quality parts that ACDelco is able to offer include car systems, off-road equipment and marine or industrial items. The product portfolio usually includes, like spark plugs, air filters, maintenance parts, oil filters, brakes, car batteries and wiper blades, but also radiators, heating/cooling items or alternators.

ACDelco 2017 Spark Plug Rebate Guidelines

  • All rebates are valid between 01 January and 31 December 2017.
  • Rebates are valid only on purchase of professional spark plugs.
  • All info must be completed accurately.
  • All submissions should be postmarked by 31 January 2018.
  • All participants should allow 6 to 8 weeks for rebates to be processed.
  • All participants can check their rebate`s status by visiting or by phone at (844) 656 5369.

Items Includes in the Rebate

  • ACDelco Professional Iridium
  • ACDelco Rapidfire Performance Single Platinum
  • ACDelco Professional Double Platinum
  • ACDelco Professional Conventional

ACDelco’s 2017 Consumer Spark Plug Rebate

LUND Nerf Bar Rebate

Here`s another great rebate coming from the partnership that RockAuto has made with LUND. Customer can now benefit of $50 cash back only by buying any set of LUND 5” or 6” Nerf Bars.

About LUND

Lund International has its headquarters in Buford, GA, and function from a 220.000 sq. ft. institution. The company designs and markets branded auto aftermarket accessories mainly for SUVs, vans, light or heavy, CUVs or passenger vehicles. The brand also serves a variety of warehouse distributors, online retailers, OEMs and auto parts retailers.

LUND Nerf Bar Rebate Guidelines

  • Buy any set of LUND 5” or 6” Nerf Bars until 31.03.2017.
  • Lund Running Boards aren`t included in the deal.
  • Remove the 12-digit barcode from the item packaging and then tape it on this online form.
  • Add a photocopy from the register receipt and order confirmation where it should be detailed the order date, qualifying item description, quantity or price paid.
  • All mail-in online rebates should include this particular online form, and should be filled out entirely with:
  1. Rebate item marked on the order proof.
  2. Attached UPC barcode from the item packaging.
  3. A photocopy of the order proof and all items bought listed.

LUND Nerf Bar Rebate

Note that any requests without any barcodes won`t be taken into consideration. Shipping barcodes aren`t accepted.

Cheap Auto Parts: Best Online Retailers in the Field

If you arrived to this post, you are probably one of those customers who aren`t too impressed about RockAuto and are looking for other options in terms of cheap auto parts. Well, you come to the right place – we have some options for you.

There are many online auto retailers out there that may be a good fit for your needs, but we chosen what we thought to be the best 3 options.

Auto Parts Warehouse: Discount Car & Truck Parts

Established over 20 years ago, Auto Parts Warehouse is seen as one the top companies in terms of online orders of auto parts in the U.S. The website has over 2.000.000 visitors each month on average.

The online web store has a very comprehensive catalog list of more than 500.000 parts or accessories from top manufacturers both domestic and foreign. But this isn`t even the best part! The best part is the unbelievable rates customers can benefit from – up to 70% of retail prices.

Check out some of the latest specials available at

  • Free Shipping on orders over $50 + 5% Back in APW Rewards.
  • Tonno Pro – Holiday Deals – Save up to $30 + Free Gifts.
  • Eibach – Pro-Truck $50 Shock Rebate.
  • Pro Comp – Save up to $50 by Mail on Select Sets of 4 Pro Comp Wheels.
  • Green Monday Week-Long Sale – 50% off on Parts & Accessories + Double Points.

Discount Auto Parts

Ever since the company started in 1983, Discount Auto Parts was serving all its loyal clients from the entire world. From Zurich to Anchorage, the brand`s customers contact them not only for their exceptional quality of their items, but also for their superior service. The company is proud to count on reliable U.S. servicewomen and men who can deliver auto parts to customers stationed all over the globe on a daily basis.

Visit this auto retailer here and check out its latest deals:

  • Free Shipping on Order over $49 – Enter Coupon Code: 007.
  • Save 10% on Online Order – Use Coupon Code: XMAS.
  • Permatex 2016 Remote Control Car Prepak – $39.95

Car Parts is seen as one of the most trust-worthy car parts & accessories store. The brand has a full selection of quality auto parts for a large range of vehicle models – and they are also provided at the lowest possible prices. This company also has the lead when talking about online shopping with no hassle as its customer service is available 24/7.

No matter what you need – air filter, alternators, A/C compressors & parts, belts, brake rotors & pads, body mechanical & trim, oxygen sensors, carburetors, ball joints, engine parts or steering items – has them all.


So, don`t forget! You don`t necessarily need to buy from RockAuto to be a satisfied customer. Any of the above auto retailers is still a good option and you can get a deal just as great as if you would if you would have bought from RockAuto.

20% Off K Source Towing Mirrors

Hey, have you heard about the 20% off discount on K Source towing mirrors? If not, you don`t know what you are missing.

About K Source

As some of you might already know, K Source is the most reliable manufacturer that deals with motorcycle and automotive mirrors of any kind. The company has an experience of over 60 years in what its customers have started to rely upon – the brand`s marketing and manufacturing specialization.

At first, this company has began as a OE supplier, but this still remains one of the dominant parts of the brand`s business. Currently, it has established brand names in the aftermarket such as K Source, KS Heavy Duty, Fit System, Ken Sean or Vision System.

20% Off K Source Towing Mirrors

Basically, RockAuto and K Source have created a new partnership to provide a 20% discount on towing mirrors until the end of 2016. Any discount rates are offer in the catalog.

20% Off K Source Towing Mirrors

The offer began at 29.10.16 and is available until the end of December, this year. So, the deal isn`t available for too long, so try to not miss it.

Air Lift Air Compressor System Rebate

If you didn`t heard by now of Air Lift Air Compressor System rebate from RockAuto, you aren`t really a loyal customer. If you`ll follow the company`s Promotions page, you`ll find a link with more details.

About Air Lift Company

This company was developed in 1949 is proud to be one of the most dedicated suspension specialist brands around.

In our current times, this brand`s load support items are sold all over the world and generally engineered for fitting more than 540 cars. Air Lift`s extensive item line provides air helper spring for vans, SUVs, trucks and RVs.

About the Rebate

This mail-in rebate offers you the chance of getting $50 back if you purchase any on-board air compressor system from Air Lift.

Follow these guidelines so you can qualify for this rebate:

  • As mentioned above, purchase any on-board air compressor system with/without a Air Lift air spring kit between 11/01/16 and 12/31/2016.
  • Submit all your documents at the very same time.
  • This deal is valid only in Canada and the United States.
  • The rebate is issued in United States funds.
  • Complete air spring kits which qualifies: RideControl, LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE. The deal includes Air Lift 100 & AirCell.
  • Complete on-board air compressor systems: QuickShot, WirelessOne, all LoadController series, WirelessAIR and SmartAir series.
  • The limit of $50 is per address or household.
  • You can download a completed form for this rebate here.

air lift air compressor system rebate

Mail all rebate items to:

Air Lift $50 Winter Rebate Offer
Dept. 11288, PO Box 5016
Stacy, MN 55078-5016

Gabriel Suspension Rebate: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

Gabriel’s ® Legendary Sales Event is brought to you by RockAuto in the form of a great new rebate.

Buy qualifying Gabriel items and get your money back. Buy 3 products and get 1 for free! You can get a mail-in rebate for the sole prêt of 1 unit, up to maximum $125.

About Gabriel

Gabriel leads to way to innovation for over 100 years. In 1907, this company has brought to life the first auto shock absorber, and then it soon followed the first adjustable shock absorber, the first air adjustable absorber and the first hydraulic shock absorber. The brand expanded along with the way transportation did during the twentieth century.

Gabriel’s ® Legendary Sales Event – Buy 3, Get 1 for Free!

From 01.09.16 until 31.10.16 if you submit a rebate claim that is valid, there`s a mail-in rebate from which you can benefit if you purchase 4 qualifying Gabriel items for the sole price 1 unit. The amount of the rebate is generally determined by the lowest possible price of 4 qualifying items bought, excluding any shipping fees or taxes, and less any possible discounts.

Buy any of the qualifying products outlined below, send this completed form along with the proof-of-order for the 4 items to the address outlined below, and you`re good to go:

  • Gabriel Ultra™
  • Gabriel MaxControl™
  • Gabriel Ultra™ ReadyMount®
  • Gabriel StrutMounts™

Terms and Conditions

  • You need to postmark your submission by 28.11.16.
  • You need to send your submission until 05.12.16.
  • If you want to be eligible for this rebate, you need to remove & submit the part number and UPC code.
  • You should retain any copies of your products for personal records (receipt order, UPC code, etc).

Submit the Following:

  • The original sales receipt along with shop identification outlining the order of 4 Gabriel units.
  • Either each item ordered showing the part number or carton end flaps.
  • Fill this form completely and send it to the bellow address.


Mail items to:
Gabriel’s Legendary Sales Event
Offer 38983
P.O. Box 6128
Douglas, AZ 85655-6128

Autolite Winter Prep Rebate

As you may already noticed, winter is coming. And with it another great rebate has come alive from the partnership between Autolite and RockAuto

Autolite is the place where customers can get spark plugs, ignition wire sets, coil-on plug boots, glow plugs and other ignition items for your car, no matter if it`s domestic or imported.

This company was founded from 2 other brands when they began offering buggy lamps. It soon became a thriving manufacturer of auto parts by the `30s.

Autolite Winter Prep Rebate

This rebate will offer you real performance at real value. You can save $2.50 per Iridium XP plug and $2 per double Platinum plug. You can also benefit from other limited-time deals where you can save $3 high thread plug and $2.50 per glow plug. The limit is 16 per household or person. For additional details, you should check the back of rebate pad coupon.

Terms & Conditions

  • Buy Autolite spark plugs from any participating location between 01.09.16 and 31.12.16. The deal expires at 31.12.16.
  • You are able to sign up and also track the claim details on the internet if you simply login on to com/Special-Offers and then click on
  • Fill in this form. Cut out the symbols from the package, then circle all prices that were paid on the dated cash register receipt and then send all products by mail on the below physical address.
  • Please, don`t forget to retain a copy for yourself of the cash register receipt as well as UPC for ordered items.
  • The rebate request should be postmarked until 31.01.17 and received by 15.02.17. Any requests postmarked after this date won`t be honored.
  • The rebate request should be made on this particular original form.
  • This deal is valid for orders that were only made in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.
  • The deal can`t be mixed with other deals released by Autolite.
  • The rebate will be worthless where licensed, restricted or prohibited.


Autolite® 2016 Spark Plug Offer
Department 132700-03
PO Box 52106
Phoenix, AZ 85072

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