Did You Know that RockAuto Offers Gift Cards?

Did you know that RockAuto is one of the only auto retailers who release gift certificates for its customers? Also known as gift cards, these gift certificates make the ideal gift for any of your friends that you know to be car enthusiasts. They are not only easy to use, but also easy to purchase. In a few seconds you`ll have a wonderful gift to offer without even needing to leave your room.

RockAuto Gift Certificate Details

  • RockAuto offers both traditional and e-gift cards;
  • Both types of gift certificates can be redeemed at RockAuto.com;
  • The gift cards are being released in denominations from $25 to $100, but also with a customer amount option;
  • E-gift card delivery is free. You only need to add an email address as a shipping option;
  • The gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash;
  • The gift cards cannot be rent back for a refund;
  • The gift certificates are valid for 5 years from the date they were issued;
  • RockAuto isn`t responsible from any stolen or lost gift cards;
  • Each gift card has a code assigned which can be used when making an order.

How to Order a RockAuto Gift Card?

If you want to purchase a gift certificate from RockAuto, you first need to learn what steps to follow in completing the process. Check out the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Denominations & Format – The very first thing you need to do is choose the denominations of your new gift card. You have options from $25 to $100, or you can go with the custom amount option if you should desire so. Then, you need to choose the format in which your gift certificate will be send.rockauto gift card
  1. Shopping Cart – The next steps is to add your new gift card to the shopping card to proceed further.
  1. Adjusting Quantity – At this point, you have to adjust the quantity of your gift cards you want to buy. For the Custom Amount option, you just need to add the denomination it will interest you in the “Price” section.
  1. Billing & Ship to Details – Add your info in the Billing field and the email address of the person you are offering your gift in the Shipping field.
  1. Setting Shipping Option – For e-gift cards, choose email as shipping option. For plastic gift cards, choose any different shipping option.
  1. Choose Payment Option – Follow the guidelines and add your method of payment.
  1. Finalize Your Order – Click the “Place Order” button and finalize your purchase. When your order is validated, you`ll receive a confirmation email and the gift certificate will be sent as you indicated according to the shipping option chosen.
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