SolarGuard Reflective Sunshade Wholesales Closeout!

Do you want to keep your car, SUV or truck cooler for the rest of the summer? If yes, then you`ll be happy to know that RockAuto can provide a SolarGuard Reflective sunshade windshield cover for all interested customers.

Now by using SolarGuard`s products you can forget about the original retail or wholesale prices and get these premium sunshade windshield covers at less than $4.

What these covers do is fasten to the outside of the windshields and block the rays of the sun before entering the car. The most beautiful part of all this is that heat won`t build up next to your windshield and the dash as well as the electronics located behind your dash will remain cooler.SolarGurad_Gold

Are you a person who is used to travel a lot? Then you maybe are used to leaving your car at the airport, but not always find enough time to install a car cover or the space to haul. With SolarGuard these issues stop right here because it offers a car cover level protection for the windshield in 2 different sizes. The covers can be attached in a matter of seconds using a strap that is adjustable along with a rail system so you can be sure you`ll get an optimal fit for your car or SUV.

Just as with any other Wholesales Closeout, quantities may be limited. Use the “Tools & Universal Parts” tab to find your very own SolarGuard Reflective sunshade windshield cover, and then access the “Window” category next to the “Accessories” tab from the RockAuto catalog web page. In addition, if you feel you cannot manage to find the above guidelines, simply click here!.

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