ACDelco Spark Plug

ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate 2016

Once again RockAuto and ACDelco have united to give us a great rebate starting with the beginning of 2016. The ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate is available for the entire year for all the spark plugs listed below:

  • Professional Iridium ($2/plug)
  • Professional Double Platinum ($1.50/plug)
  • Rapidfire Performance Single Platinum($1.00/plug)
  • Professional Conventional ($.50/plug)


What to Do:

  • This rebate is only valid on Rapidfire or professional spark plugs ordered and installed along this year.
  • The rebate deal is valid only for ACDelco Rapidfire Perforamnce Single Platinum, ACDelco Professional Double Platinum, ACDelco Professional Iridium, ACDelco Professional Double Platinum.
  • All info must be completed properly and legibly.
  • If ordered from a particular retailer, enclose UPC blocks from the qualifying ACDelco spark plug boxes.

DelcoPlug16Mail all items to:

ACDelco Spark Plug

Rebate Offer Number 6600 9

PO Box 6970

Mesa, AZ 85216

ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate

The ACDelco Spark Plug rebate is the way RockAuto and ACDelco say thank you to their most loyal customers. AcDelco is a popular auto parts brand from the U.S. that is owned by General Motors. The brand also provide aftermarket parts for vehicles which aren`t manufactured by GM.

In time, this brand had different names, such United Motors Service, United Delco or United Motors Corporation. After it merged with AC Spark Plug over 40 years ago, and since then it`s known as AC-Delco.

This rebate will get you up to $2 for each plug back.

  • Rapidfire ($1.00 for each plug)
  • Professional Iridium ($2 for each plug)
  • Professional Conventional ($.50 for each plug)
  • Professional Platinum ($1.50 for each plug)



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