What Do You Know About AutoZone`s Product Return Policy?

Let`s say you have ordered an auto part from AutoZone and you want to return it. Wouldn`t you say improving your knowledge on the company`s return policy would be a good thing for you?

AutoZone, the Big Fish!

Unlike Pep Boys, Orileys or AutoTrader, this brand is a big fish between the online auto part stores. What this means is that because the company`s name is at stake, customers are always treated with respect. This includes the return policy of products as well, because product return is a big deal for this brand.

Return Policy Guidelines

Customers who are interested in returning products to this company need only to take the specific item, put it in its original package or box, and bring it to any of the company`s stores. Keep in mind to drain all its fluids if necessary before returning your product. It`s also recommended to take the credit card you have used to order your item and visit the store between working AutoZone hours.

Customers should remember that all product returns are generally subject to that specific AutoZone store Return Policy. Also, keep in mind that not all items can be returned. For example, most sales of products that are customizable are final, and thus can`t be returned.

All customers who are eligible for product refunds will be reimbursed for any shipping expenses made. Unline Rockauto free shipping, which by the way it doesn`t exist, AutoZone free shipping is a real deal. If the company has done any mistakes or if your item is somehow defective when received, the brand will pay all refund you all shipping expenses.

Customers who are shipping from any location within the U.S. and have received a defective product, the company will offer them a pre-paid return shipping label. This label is to be placed outsize the package or box, and then dropped at any facility that deals with the shipping of products.

For customers who are shipping from United States territories or an overseas location, the brand can reimburse them if any mistakes has been made from the company`s fault. In such situations, a check is issued with a shipping dollar amount that usually appears on the label of the carrier.

In-Store Return Policy

Products that are returned to a specific AutoZone store needs to be brought within 90 days from the date they have been ordered. Defective product returns should be made within the warranty period. If the product was installed or used, any requests for refunds can be denied.

The company`s store may reserve the right to ask for valid photo IDs issued by the government which will always be recorded with the store`s database.

If you no longer have the product`s receipt and you want to return it, you should get in touch with the company`s customer support and ask for the transaction info regarding your purchase. You`ll also be explained by the customer service`s representative the entire process of how you should return your product to your nearest store.autozones-product-return-policy


AutoZone takes its customers very seriously and when it comes to the return policy of its products, there is no room for error.

Is an AutoZone Discount Something that I Need?

If you are enthusiastic about driving your car, than you most definitely need a way to cut the expenses for your auto parts. Using an AutoZone discount can be one option. But to be able to use this form of promotional deal, you first need to understand its basics.

About AutoZone Discount

This is a form of promotion deal that the company offers to its customers attract them into buying their products as well as to help them save money. These discounts can be in the form of AutoZone discount codes or online coupons. They are released on a regular basis a few times per month, but also on special occasions when new deals are promoted by the brand

It`s required for everyone to understand that this is not in any way related to an AutoZone employee discount because it has everything to do with customers and not employees. On the other hand, an AutoZone discount sprint is that type of discount that is giving by the company to its employees. This way, if you work for this brand, you can get up to 25% off just by using this discount. If you want to apply for such a discount, you can find more info on the Sprint Discount Request page.

In addition, there`s also a different type of promotional deal that is in the form of a AutoZone discount card, which customers can use to make their orders. When they use this card, a specific amount of money depending on the offer is deducted from the entire order. This type of promotion deal is one of the most popular ones released by the brand.

The discount codes released by AutoZone are the company`s most well known online form of saving money. Some of the most popular codes are this time are:

  • Current Hot Deals & Savings In Your Area
  • Up To 17.9% Off AutoZone Gift Cards From GiftCard Zen
  • 20% Off $100 On Regular-Priced Ship To Home Orders: DAD20
  • Free Shipping On Orders Of $75+ & Free Shipping To APO, FPO, DPO Addresses
  • 10% Off Online Ship To Home Orders: UBER10
  • Free Vehicle Repair Guides When You Register
  • 20% Off $100+: DRL2056
  • Free Car Parts Testing When You Buy The Parts

Additional Forms of Discounts

Having more than 5,000 stores, the company was almost obligated to offer different types of an AutoZone discount in store. This is how discounts for different categories of customers were created, such as the AutoZone military discount, which was only available for military personnel.


Additionally, the brand has also released various types of discounts for specific products, like the AutoZone battery discount, which was only available for customers who wanted to buy batteries.

So, What Do You Think?

So, what`s your opinion about this? Are you going to be one of the company`s new customers that decide to use an AutoZone discount? If yes, you need to not wait no more and take action right away. Or you are going to miss big time.

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