AVS Ventvisor

$25 Cash Back AVS Vent Visor & Hood Shield Rebate

We have great news! The AVS Vent Visor & Hood Shield rebate is here due to a great new partnership between RockAuto and AVS.

About AVS

AVS manufactures some of the most affordable and stylish accessories for vans, trucks, passenger cars or SUVs. Its items are sold through various warehouse distributors, online or national retailers. The line of products includes exterior accessories vent visors window deflectors, side window deflectors, light covers or hood shields.

AVS Vent Visor & Hood Shield Rebate

If you choose to take part to this rebate, you`ll be able to claim a $25 prepaid VISA card with the order of both AVS Hood Shield and AVS Ventivisor in one single order transaction. The rebate is available until 31 March 2017.

AVS Rebate Guidelines

  • Buy 1 each of an AVS Hood Shield and AVS Ventvisor until 31 March 2017. You need to buy both items to be eligible for this rebate.
  • Any part number that end with the “B” letter won`t be included.
  • Get rid of the 12-digit UPC barcode that can be found on the item packaging and tape it to this particular online form.
  • If you have another person installing the item, be certain you`ll be cutting out and retaining your UPC label from the item carton.
  • You need to include an online order confirmation that will detail the order date, quantity, price paid and qualifying item description, or photocopy of your register receipt.
  • Packing slips are accepted online if attached to order proof, having the order price circled.
  • Any requests with no UPC barcodes won`t be taken into consideration.
  • All rebates need to include the above form, filled out with all the details that include:


  1. A photocopy of the order purchase having the order price listed or register receipt.
  2. All items circled on the order proof.
  3. The UPC barcode attached.

AVS Hoodvisor & Hood Shield Rebate: Get $10 Prepaid Visa Card

Today we are able to present to you a great partnership between AVS and RockAuto from which the AVS Hoodvisor & Good Shield rebate has taken life. This rebate will give you a $10 Prepaid Visa Card if certain conditions are met.

Buy a qualifying AVS Ventvisor/Hood Shield item of your choosing and get a $10 Prepaid Visa Card.

How to Qualify for this Rebate?

  1. Buy an AVS Ventvisor/Hood Shield product until 31.05.16 (exclude part number that end in letter B).
  2. Remove the entire 12-digit UPC barcode from the item packaging, follow the link under the bellow image and tape it on the form.
  3. Add a photocopy of the online order confirmation or register receipt, quantity, qualifying item description and price paid.
  4. Mails of this rebate should include the form on the above mentioned link, filled out entirely with the above mentioned details.

AVS Hoodvisor & Hood Shield Rebate

Terms & Conditions

  • This rebate is only valid in the U.S.
  • This rebate isn`t available to distributors, manufacturers, dealers or retailers.
  • This rebate cannot be mixed with other deals or discounts.
  • Only 1 rebate for each receipt, family, physical address, household or customer.
  • The rebate is only valid for orders that include the specified items and only at the sites already specified.
  • Returned items aren`t eligible for this rebate.
  • Any requests made from undeliverable and invalid addresses are immediately denied.
  • This particular rebate is void where is prohibited by law, taxed or restricted.
  • It`s recommended to keep copies for all the documents submitted.

Note: If you have any questions related to this particular rebate, you can give a call at 855 801 5827. Also, you can check the online status of your rebate at: www.lirebates.com

All documents should be mailed at:
LUND Offer # LD1053
PO Box 13002
El Paso, TX 88513

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