Gabriel Suspension Rebate: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

Gabriel’s ® Legendary Sales Event is brought to you by RockAuto in the form of a great new rebate.

Buy qualifying Gabriel items and get your money back. Buy 3 products and get 1 for free! You can get a mail-in rebate for the sole prêt of 1 unit, up to maximum $125.

About Gabriel

Gabriel leads to way to innovation for over 100 years. In 1907, this company has brought to life the first auto shock absorber, and then it soon followed the first adjustable shock absorber, the first air adjustable absorber and the first hydraulic shock absorber. The brand expanded along with the way transportation did during the twentieth century.

Gabriel’s ® Legendary Sales Event – Buy 3, Get 1 for Free!

From 01.09.16 until 31.10.16 if you submit a rebate claim that is valid, there`s a mail-in rebate from which you can benefit if you purchase 4 qualifying Gabriel items for the sole price 1 unit. The amount of the rebate is generally determined by the lowest possible price of 4 qualifying items bought, excluding any shipping fees or taxes, and less any possible discounts.

Buy any of the qualifying products outlined below, send this completed form along with the proof-of-order for the 4 items to the address outlined below, and you`re good to go:

  • Gabriel Ultra™
  • Gabriel MaxControl™
  • Gabriel Ultra™ ReadyMount®
  • Gabriel StrutMounts™

Terms and Conditions

  • You need to postmark your submission by 28.11.16.
  • You need to send your submission until 05.12.16.
  • If you want to be eligible for this rebate, you need to remove & submit the part number and UPC code.
  • You should retain any copies of your products for personal records (receipt order, UPC code, etc).

Submit the Following:

  • The original sales receipt along with shop identification outlining the order of 4 Gabriel units.
  • Either each item ordered showing the part number or carton end flaps.
  • Fill this form completely and send it to the bellow address.


Mail items to:
Gabriel’s Legendary Sales Event
Offer 38983
P.O. Box 6128
Douglas, AZ 85655-6128

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