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Napa Auto Parts: Rewards, Rebates & Locations

Did you know that RockAuto isn`t the only reliable online auto retailer out there? Napa Auto Parts, or National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA), can also be a trustworthy option for all customers.

About Napa

This company was found in 1925 and is one of the most popular retailers of auto parts, service products and accessories in North America.

NAPA has more than 6.000 stores opened all over the U.S., 1.110 of them being owned by Genuine Parts Company, while the others are independently owned. Around fifteen thousand NAPA Auto Care service facilities are mostly in operation for repair or maintenance services.

Besides the U.S., this brand also has locations in Canada through United Auto Parts, which is a small division of Genuine Parts Company, but it also operates through NAPA Auto facilities that offers repair services in Mexico as well as other various facilities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Three years ago, Genuine Parts Company has taken over Exego Group, one of the leading distributors of auto parts and accessories in Australasia.

Napa Products & Services

This company carries auto replacement parts, auto accessories, paint supplies, equipment and tools, marine supplies as well as heavy duty parts. The brand operates a company which deals with parts repackaging which is known as Balkamp.

Napa Rewards

You can begin doing the same thing you are doing, only a bit different – shopping at Napa by using Napa Rewards. You`ll receive 1 point for each $1 you spend after signing up at any participating location. After gathering 100 points, you will get $5 off for your next NAPA order. It doesn`t get any easier than this!

You can also pay with cash. However, you`ll need to let the counterperson be aware that you are already a member of the program or you would want to join NAPA Rewards.

When using NAPA Rewards, you don`t need to worry about any hassle. The program is completely digital, so you are able to track your rewards as well as verify your statement on the internet. There`s no paper statements to use, and you don`t also need to flip through the wallet for your credit card. Just getting rewards for the fact that you are shopping for discount auto parts.

How the process works? At the moment, only certain stores take part in NAPA Rewards. If you are interested in having your store included in this program, contact the company here.

Napa Rebates & Monthly Specials

Unlike Carquest or Pep Boys, NAPA offers rebates and monthly specials. Not even AutoZone or O`Reilly Auto Parts offers rebates. The only other auto retailer that offers them is RockAuto. Visit, find a rebate, submit your rebate or track it – it`s that easy!

Each promotional deal has specific date ranges in which customers are able to order and then submit their info to be eligible for the rebate. If you won`t be able to make your order within the specified dates, you won`t be eligible for the rebate.

All the info requested on the Official Rebate Claim form need to be completed. You shouldn`t let any black or empty spaces in the form. In addition, the company may request to verify your order.

The completed claim form along with any other requirements needs to be mailed to the actual address that is listed in the form.  You should be certain you offer the right postage for the mailing, especially if you`ll mail to an address outside your country.


Napa Auto Parts Locations

If you need to find the nearest NAPA store, just add your location below and hit the Search button.

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