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RockAuto Discounts vs. Other Auto Parts Discounts

Have you ever been interested in using auto parts discounts from other auto retailers than RockAuto? Well, now you can compare between some of the most important companies that are available online terms of parts for your car.

RockAuto Discounts or Summit Racing Discounts?

Have you heard about Summit Racing Equipment? You probably have, as it`s the largest mail order auto performance equipment brand in the world. Having thousands and thousands of performance auto parts, stock replacement parts tools or garage equipment from which to choose, autocompany stocks more auto parts for cars or trucks than any other auto retailer out there.

In terms of discounts, there`s the popular Summit Racing coupon which can always compete with the 5% RockAuto code because it`s able to offer bigger savings for the company`s customers. Just take a pick at the list below and see just a small percentage of what Summit Racing is able to offer in terms of discounts:

  • 15% Off Mothers Car Care Items
  • 10% Off Baer Brakes
  • 10% Off Select A-iPower Portable Generators
  • Up to 74% Off Screaming Deals
  • 10% Off McGard Jeep Items
  • 10% Off Professional Items Powerflow Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • 10% Off Nitrous Express Items
  • 10% Off Kluhsman Racing Items

Seeing these deals, one might think that RockAuto is more suitable for your everyday driver, while Summit Racing is more for drivers with real skills behind the wheel of cars with real performances. Although this isn`t far away from the truth, Summit Racing is able to offer auto parts for regular drivers as well.

Is AM Autoparts Better than RockAuto?

It might have happened more than once for you to go to a website and thought “I`m getting the part that I need for my car from here – what could go wrong?” Well, there are lots of bad things that could happen. You may not be able to find the part you need or you may get the wrong parts. You may also not be able to get the price you want, because not all auto retailers are able to offer what you can afford.

If we came to talk about prices and discounts, you should take a closer look at what the “AM” in the company name means. It stands for “AFTERMARKET,” which means you get discount parts from the start. This company has in stock a large selection of replacement power window motors, door handles, headlights, mirrors or handles, and these are just to name a few. The brand`s warehouse is always ready for your order.

In terms of discounts and savings, AM Autoparts has lots of deals to offer, as you can notice:

  • 70% Off BMW Front Lower Rearward Control Arm & Free Shipping
  • Up to 69% Off Suzuki Vitara Exhaust Manifolds & Free Shipping
  • 48% Off Dodge Durango Transmission Oil Cooler & Free Shipping
  • 64% Off BMW Front Lower Rearward Control Control Arm & Free Ground Shipping
  • 45% Off Acura CL Headlight & Free Shipping
  • 53% Off Jeep Cherokee Rear Leaf Spring & Free Shipping
  • 5% Off Your Order: SchoolsOutSaving
  • 10% Off: C-AMM00100L
  • 5% Off Your Future Purchase: RepairResolutions

I know that you`ll think those 5% discount codes from RockAuto can be used for any part you need, while the above deals are only available for specific auto parts from certain car models, but common – 70% for a BMW auto part? Where can you get a better deal?

JC Whitney Coupon or RockAuto Coupon?

If you aren`t able to find or use a coupon code released by RockAuto for any reason, there are other options out there than Autozone coupon codes or Advance Auto coupon codes – like a JC Whitney coupon.

According to the “About Us” page, JC Whitney has been a brand that satisfies its customers from any point of view for over 100 years. It offers a comprehensive collection of auto parts at the lowest possible prices. There is practically no reason to regret using its services.

If you take a quick glimpse of the list of auto parts JC Whitney offers, you`ll see that the brand it does in fact offer the best deals and the lowest prices around. Most deals are more than 50% lower than what you get in other stores.

You might be tempted to believe you won`t get a better deal than at RockAuto. There are big chances to be very wrong. Just take a look at the below list and compare:

  • 50% Off for the Next Order of $100 & Facebook Like
  • 10% Off Orders Of $49: SW49CB
  • $12 Off Purchases at Least $150 + Free Shipping: YOUDECIDE
  • 8% Off Purchases Over $99: JCWAFF8
  • Up To $50 Off Extang Trifecta Tonneau Covers
  • Up To $100 Money Back for Select Autometer Gauges
  • 10% Off for Orders of MBRP Exhaust Systems
  • $75 Off on Order of Qualifying Corsa Air Intake or Performance Exhaust

Now that you are aware of what it`s out there in terms of JC Whitney coupon codes, let`s take a quick look at what`s RockAuto offering:

  • 4966786044568556 – Expires 10/16/16
  • 4968993037543882 – Expires 10/16/16
  • 6BC26B00507E21 – Expires 12/16/16
  • 5161133346169253 – Expires 11/27/16
  • 5072514534461405 – Expires 06/06/16
  • Up to $48 Off on Select Autolite Plug via Mail in Rebate

Besides the Autolite Plug rebate, which seems great by the way, do you know what the above deals all have in common? They all are 5% off discount codes, so you won`t be able to save more than 5% per deal, no matter what auto part you decide to buy. That`s pretty far off than those great $75 off or 50% off deals that JC Whitney discounts are offering, right?

RockAuto Coupons vs. Pep Boys Coupons: Which Are Better?

Have you heard about Pep Boys, the great tire auto aftermarket chain from the U.S.? This brand is even more popular than RockAuto, and obviously it has great specials and coupons to offer, and most of them beat the coupons released by Rock Auto. The one that I think is the most popular at the moment is the “Buy 3 Tires, Get the 4th Free” deal, but also the latest “Buy 2 or More Tires and get 15% Off” deal looks pretty

You might think that being a tire automotive aftermarket company, you can only purchase tires from this brand. You can never be more wrong! Here you`ll also be able to find brake kits, motor oil, antifreeze, additives and chemicals, jacks and ramps, ignition items, suspension products or batteries.

Although RockAuto will also offer discounts for pretty much all these auto parts as well, you won`t never see $20 off or 30$ off coupon deals at them like Pep Boys offers as you can see from the list below:

  • $20 Off Synthetic Motor Oil Change Service
  • 30% Off Purchase Select Parts & Accessories: PEP30
  • $49.99 Alignment with Order & Install of 4 Tires
  • 15% Off Select Service
  • 25% Off Batteries: PEP25BATT
  • Up to $30 off Wheel Alignment
  • 10% Off 2 Select Tires: ROLLOUT10
  • 20% Off Auto Maintenance & Repair

Other Options in Terms of Auto Parts Discounts

Although for many people the first thought that comes into mind when thinking of auto parts discounts is RockAuto, this may not always be the best choice depending on various aspects. So what there`s to do in such situations? You can always choose the services of another auto retailer, right?

  • Parts Geek – This is the place where you can find millions of Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet or Honda parts at unbeatable prices. has both domestic and import warehouses, so may have something to gain from the shipping expenses as well.
  • AM Autoparts Coupon – AM Autoparts, or After Market Auto Parts for those who aren`t familiar with the company, has headlights, mirrors, shocks & struts, wheel bearings, suspension items and more, all at unbelievable prices. Besides this, there`s also the AM autoparts coupon that can be very helpful at times. For instance, there`s the “70% Off BMW Front Lower Rearward Control Arm + Free Shipping” coupon available on which looks pretty great, obviously.
  • Auto Parts Warehouse Coupon – Are you looking for discount car & truck parts? Auto Parts Warehouse could be the right online source for your needs. And with coupons like “Auto P10% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping On $50+ arts Warehouse Coupon” (WELCOME10) or “5% Off Your Order ” (MOBILE), how can you go wrong?
  • JC Whitney Coupon – JCWhitney may be the exactly what you have been looking for in terms of car, motorcycle or truck parts and accessories. Why is that? Because just like RockAuto or Auto Parts Warehouse, this brand also offers pretty great discounts, such as $30 off on floor mat orders or savings of up to $50 with every order of an Extang Trifecta Tonneau cover.

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