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4 Useful Tips on RockAuto Shipping

How many times did you ordered an auto part from an online resource only to find yourself in different unpleasant situations regarding the shipping of your parts? With RockAuto such issues can`t occur. But for one to avoid problems when making an auto part order from this company, one needs to understand everything that involves RockAuto shipping.

I thought would be better to cover a few general rules regarding RockAuto shipping which customers can use to guide themselves when ordering auto parts from Rock Auto.

Tip Nr. 1

As you may already know, there isn`t any free shipping offered by this company, then the next question that comes into people`s minds is “How much does shipping cost then?” Well, you need to see the shipping costs section before you enter any personal details by simply adding auto parts to your shopping cart. Then you have to choose the country where you live and enter your zip code, as in the page below.

Usually, all shipping costs are reflected by the weight and size of the auto parts you ordered, but also of your present carrier rates or your location. To be certain you`ve minimized your shipping costs as much as you possibly could, it`s best if you select auto parts which can be shipped from the very same location.

Tip Nr. 2

For those who want to know which are the auto parts that cost the least when they are shipped, well, that`s a tricky one. The company generally sells more than 1.000.000 distinct auto parts and one warehouse couldn`t hold all the parts together. If you decide for auto parts that aren`t stocked in the very same location, carriers need to charge for 2 boxes.

Tip Nr. 3

You may have heard about the term “core charge.” A core charge is nothing else than a deposit. When you place an order to buy a part, you pay for it and then you`ll be refunded back when the old part it`s sent back. Specific cores should be returned within 2 months, such as transmission or engine cores, while others should be returned within 6 months. There are certain guidelines you need to keep in mind before returning a core:

  • Use the Order Status & Returns page to get & follow return directions.
  • Because you`ll be responsible for shipping your core back, you need to make a decision whether or not your core deposit will be worth your shipping cost.
  • Check that the core is complete and that is returned back in the same box the auto part came. The old auto part does not really have to be working, but you won`t get any core credit for unusable or smashed cores.

Tip Nr. 4

One of the most common issues the customers encounter when making a RockAuto part order is regarding a saved address on a completely new order. To get pass this, a few simple steps need to be taken:

  • Log into your personal account and then make a click on the “Continue Shopping” tab.
  • Add any auto part products you need to your own cart, then go to the Checkout page. Once there, make a click on the “Saved Address” URL, and then another one on the billing address.
  • If you need to ship your part to a distinct address, the box near the “Check Here if Same as Billing Address” line needs to be unchecked. Then make a click on the “Saved Address” URL located on top of the shipping address to choose a different location to deliver your parts.rockauto-shipping

Now there might be a lot more questions that customers may feel the need to find answers regarding other subjects, like info on RockAuto shipping locations, if any RockAuto shipping tracking options may be available or how much RockAuto shipping to the door costs, but for such information the company has already a specific Rock Auto FAQ page designed here: If you have a question for which you can`t find an answer at that page, you can always use the RockAuto phone number – (608) 661-1376 – and personally ask someone from their staff about your concern.

Let`s See What Happens!

Now hopefully you`ve read the above guidelines regarding RockAuto shipping and can consider them on your future Rock Auto parts orders. And remember, if you have any more questions for which you need answer, you can always visit the Rock Auto FAQ page and improve your knowledge. Chances are other customers before you had the same problem and the company already answered to their inquiry.

Why I Love Rock Auto Discounts?

As an enthusiast driver, I like to have my car always up and running. But my car is almost 10 years old and sometimes I need to change parts to it when I list expected. That`s when I turned to Rockauto discounts because over the years I find them to be quite useful. I read online on many car-related forums that a lot of people thought in the past Rockauto was a cheesy, spam website. As someone who used auto parts discounts from most online auto retailers, some of them being Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone, I can tell you from experience that RockAuto is the bomb.

1. 5% Rockauto Discounts

Now it`s true, a 5% discount isn`t too much. Sometimes getting Advance Auto discounts or AutoZone discounts may even sound a whole lot better, depending what parts you need. But the beauty of Rockauto 5% discounts is that you use them at almost any part you can think of. And not many online auto parts retailers offer this opportunity.

rock auto discounts

And even though 5% doesn`t sound a lot at first, it can be. You may have been in an accident and you need to change your airbags. Now that`s a lot of money! When dealing with airbags, 5% can mean $100 – $150 that can be saved. You may need to change your car`s door or your bumpers. Those can cost a lot as well sometimes if you drive an expensive car. And although I would love for Rockauto to start releasing 10% off discounts, unfortunately they aren`t available yet. And a 5% discount from any order is better than nothing.

2. Plenty of Discount Codes Each Month

If you ever want to find a Rockauto discount code to save some money on your next auto parts order, you never have to worry that you never find them. The company releases new ones online each month, even several times per month sometimes. All coupon-related sites get them as soon as they are released. The same happens with car forums where Rockauto acts like a sponsor for many of these forums and the brand is able to promote its discounts for each promotional deal it releases.

3. The Company`s Customer Service

According to the brand`s FAQ page, Rockauto offers great client service through leading technology. But at first glimpse, you wouldn`t tend to believe them because they got to say that. Almost any company out there says the same thing.

I can tell you from personal experience that everything they say is completely true. Whenever I`ve used Rock Auto discounts and I had any questions about them or details I didn`t understood at first, a representative from their customer service was there to help me in a matter of minutes. And let me tell you – when dealing with online auto parts discounts, you don`t need anything more.

Your Thoughts!

So what do you say? Are you convinced or do you need any more reasons to continue to use Rockauto discounts? Because if you ask me, you are wasting time if you didn`t start using this company`s deals already.