RockAuto Discount Code 15 Off Fake Or Not?

Ever since RockAuto has appeared into the auto parts online marketing, customers were in a constant search of a Rockauto discount code 15 off or a Rockauto free shipping code with an undeniable positive hope that at some point, such a code will become available to them.

About Rock Auto Parts Website

According to USAToday, RockAuto was hailed among the top 10 U.S. companies for voluntary best practices and customer service by the Online Trust Alliance. That says a lot about a company that already made a name in the car parts wholesale online field on putting its customers above itself.

Being founded by automotive engineers and turned more into a family business since 1999, the company evolved with 2 main goals in “mind:”

  • Release information concealed behind the car parts store counter, and;
  • Sell cheap auto parts as to the point that everyone can afford to choose the services of a family business like RockAuto is, instead of big fish like AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.

RockAuto Discount Guide

  • 10% OFF RockAuto: A 10% off discount code would have to be the next logical step from RockAuto, although this deal isn`t likely to be released anytime soon. And this will probably be from the very same reason for which free shipping isn`t yet offered – the company already offers cheap auto parts compared with other online auto retailers.
  • RockAuto Black Friday: We haven`t heard of any big deals for Black Friday from RockAuto, although wouldn`t it be nice if this would happen? We think such a move would kill in terms of popularity among other similar companies.
  • RockAuto Gift Certificate: Select any of the $25, $50, $75 or $100 denominations, or use the Custom Amount Gift Certificate option, and as soon as the gift certificate order gets validated, you`ll receive an order confirmation e-mail. Visit this RockAuto Gift Certificate Help page for more info!
  • RockAuto Discount code 15% OFF: There are many coupon deal sites out there that would claim this code exists, but the loyal customers of RockAuto cannot really believe such fake news. This kind of deals aren’t probably able to be released even on rare occasions, as Christmas holidays or Easter.

Does RockAuto Offer Military Discount?

There are many customers out there, loyal customers of RockAuto, who are interested if the company has released any coupons or promotions for military veterans or families. There isn`t such a discount available for now, but if there will be any time soon, your best bet is to subscribe to the RockAuto`s e-mail newsletter and you`ll be among the first to find out when it`s released. Such discounts become available much sooner among RockAuto email subscribers than out the online environment, as the company praise for taking care of its customers first.

How to View my Rockauto Discount Code?

RockAuto sends store credit codes and discount codes to your e-mail address. If by any chance you`ve deleted the code, you can still access it via your account.

If you own a RockAuto account: Visit your account (visit this link!). If you`ve already been sent a discount code, it will appear under the “Account Activity” button.

If you don`t own a RockAuto account: If you want to see what discount codes you have available, you need to create an account. It will just take a couple of minute to create it (visit this page!). When creating your account, make certain to use the same e-mail that you use to place orders. Then, once you`ll log into your personal account, you`ll be able to see any available codes that are associated with your e-mail under the same button – “Account Activity.” You should be able to see them even if they were sent before creating your account.

Rockauto: Where to Enter Coupon Code?

Your 5% RockAuto discount code should be entered under the “How did you hear about us” box. Just remember 2 important things when using them:

  • Any discount code can only be applied once per order shipped.
  • The codes aren`t valid for orders made on the phone.

You can also click on the code to apply it on the shopping cart, if you`re logged into your personal account.

If you already placed your order and you want to add a code, visit the Order Status & Returns web page, add the order number and phone or e-mail number, and then make a click on the “find Order” tab.  After entering the code into the box mentioned above, you`ll receive an order confirmation e-mail with the updated total amount of money, if your code is valid.

If you find any info in the “How did you hear about us” box, you are advise to delete it before adding your own code. If the box is grayed out, you definitely have a valid discount code that was already applied to the order or the order has even been shipped already. As soon as your order has been shipped, you can no longer make any changes.

Here`s also a video that may help you understand how everything works:

How Do I Get Free Shipping on RockAuto?

You should know from the start that there`s no Rockauto discount code free shipping deal released by this brand. Why is this so? Let`s go into details a bit!

Shipping isn`t generally free, practically almost never. Carriers need to be paid for their involvement. Basically, shipping costs vary quite significantly depending on where you are or what you purchase. The term of “free shipping” in fact means higher prices that need to cover the shipping cost on average and using profits from some of the purchases to offset losses on other orders.

RockAuto thinks it makes a lot more sense to set their regular prices low and present what it would really cost if the order would be sent to you, letting you make the decision regarding any shipping costs or savings. Here`s a tip if you want to minimize your shipping expenses: choose auto parts which can be shipped from the very same location. More info here!

Best RockAuto Discount Codes

  • 7478213366992005: (Expires:10/18/2020).
  • 7475814066971516: (Expires:11/18/2020).
  • 7399252033669895: (Expires:01/04/2021).
  • 7449523264547111: (Expires: 11/11/2020).

Note: All these coupon codes get you 5% off your purchase. There`s no limit whatsoever on the number of your orders or their size.

RockAuto discount code 15 off

Rockauto Customer Service & Phone Number

If you have any questions or need help with your online auto parts order, you can reach the company`s customer service at: (608) 661-1376.

What Do You Think?

So, what do you think? Are coupons or discounts the kind of deals that would make you the loyal customer that this company aims to make you or do you need more convincing?

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