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RockAuto Phone Number (Call Customer Service)!

Have you ever used the services of RockAuto by now or is this your first time? If it`s the first time, you may want to use the Rock Auto phone number and call customer service for whatever reason.

About RockAuto

RockAuto puts a lot of struggle to ship body parts right to the front door of its customers and business companies. This great brand covers around three hundred manufacturers and the great thing is that it delivers its parts at warehouse prices. Getting in touch with RockAuto by phone or email isn`t really that hard, as the company`s helpline has a good rate in most reviews.

RockAuto Phone Number (Call Customer Service)

If you want to give a call for any help with your order and returns of parts, use this phone number:

1-608-661-1376 or 1-866-7625-2886

Contact Rock Auto by Email

If for whatever reason you want to send an email to the company`s customer service department, use this email address:


RockAuto Address

RockAuto, LLC
6418 Normandy Lane
Suite 100
Madison, WI 53719

RockAuto Newsletters Will Share Customers` Best Stories!

Are you ordering your auto parts from RockAuto often? If yes, this company is more than willing to offer you the chance of having your truck or car featured in one or more the company`s regular publications, like social media or monthly newsletter. Daily driver or not, if you send an email to the company`s staff (see below!) with some interesting insights about the history of your car or favorite images if you have some, Rock Auto will be more than interested.

According to the brand`s May Early Edition newsletter, Rock Auto decided to share some of the best stories received from their customers on its site. And this happens for quite some time now.

Pete`s 1983 Camaro is one of those stories published on the website:

“I`ve owned my 1983 Camaro for many years now. It`s an unique version that has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine.

This vehicle has a special meaning for the entire family because I and my father worked at it quite a lot ever since I was in high school. Now I have children of my own and we enjoy working at it together.

It takes quite some time and effort, but we simply love it. We`ve bought auto parts from Rock Auto for quite a few years now, including brake parts, door handles, a distributor or a brake booster.

I would like to thank you RockAuto for making things possible for us to keep our old cars if we want it to, as well as sharing some of our memories on their site.”

This is just one of the great stories Rock Auto`s customers are sharing on the brand`s site or on its newsletters.

Sometimes the best learning experiences come from frustrating fixes, or at least that`s what RockAuto thinks.

Bob from Alberta, Canada has its own repair mistake related story to share:

“I attempt it to fix a 1976 Toyota Corolla for my neighbor. At first seemed to be something related to a carburetor issue, I`ve taken the suspect part and found a wood fragment that was blocking the idle jet. I thought that was the end of it, but when I tried to start the engine, it was idling somehow roughly.

So I`ve started again, replaced all the points, verified ignition timing and changed the spark plugs, but this took me nowhere. Finally, after six hours and a half I found all this happened because of a very small loose screw.”

As you can see, some customers have no worries to share their own problems with the world using this brand`s monthly newsletters.

Advantages offered by this great auto retailer don`t stop here. Customers who are interested in organizing a car show or any other auto event can find help from RockAuto. The company can publish your events through its newsletters. All customers need to do is send their info related to the shows or events to

If you want to share about your own experiences with the world through RockAuto, send your own story at Add your mail address and you can maybe also get a Rock Auto t-shirt or hat. For privacy purposes, your story will get credited using only the first name and somehow a vague geographic region.