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Are the Cheap Prices & Discounts from RockAuto Really Worth It

It`s almost common sense these days that if you own a car, you need to think cheaply. If you didn`t hear by now about the unbelievable cheap prices RockAuto`s offering or about the great RockAuto discounts available on car related message boards and blogs, then you either don`t have any financial issues to confront with or you don`t usually use online auto parts discounts.

RockAuto – Best Option for Online Auto Parts!

According to most recent data, RockAuto is seen as one of the best choices in terms of online auto parts purchases. You can find a lot more RockAuto discount auto parts than you might think, and after you find what you need on the RockAuto parts catalog list available on the company`s site, you`ll have a pleasant surprise when paying for your order – the price will be really cheap.

Sometimes RockAuto shipping prices aren`t so great and the company often prefers to lose customers than cover for shipping on parts that need to be exchanged for wrong info in the brand`s ordering system. This sucks from the customer`s point of view, but Advance auto discounts or AutoZone discounts offer bigger savings for a reason – the original prices of the auto parts are a lot more expensive than what RockAuto`s offering. So it`s only logical to assume that the company can`t offer cheaper prices than the competition and also match the prices of the other auto retailing brands.

Let`s say you have to change a part for your car like for example, a bearing. You`ll be able to find at Advance Auto Parts for $219, while RockAuto will offer it for $150 along with an additional $20 for shipping the part. Most customers will immediately turn to RockAuto for the obvious reason. And while is true that you can find a RockAuto price match for most parts at other brands like AutoZone or Summit Racing, these are still rare occasions and it`s better to stick with what you know than losing countless hours searching online and comparing deals from different auto retailers.

If you really want to save money, the trick is when using the RockAuto auto parts catalog to use the “Trucks” icons or at least use the “Choose for Me to Minimize Costs” tool. This will allow you to find auto parts that can ship together, meaning they`ll be sent from one warehouse (if possible), and thus avoiding additional shipping expenses.

RockAuto Reviews Don`t Always Reflect Reality

According to`s review page, almost close to none of the reviews posted on that page are related to the prices the company`s providing or the RockAuto discount codes released every month on online forums. That should really mean something, don`t you think?

And if you have some sort of minimal experience online, than you know best than paying too much attention to any negative RockAuto parts review you find on the internet. Most of those reviews are nothing more than the personal opinion of some upset customer because either RockAuto isn`t offering free shipping services or perhaps because a part took too long to be received.RockAuto cheap prices

Your Thoughts!

I don`t buy auto parts for a long time from this company but now that I see how great it is to pay cheap prices and still be satisfied with what you get, I would say that the days when buying parts from other auto retailers are gone.

So you tell me! Are the RockAuto discounts and the cheap prices offered by this company worth your trouble? I think yes, wouldn`t you agree?

Why I Love Rock Auto Discounts?

As an enthusiast driver, I like to have my car always up and running. But my car is almost 10 years old and sometimes I need to change parts to it when I list expected. That`s when I turned to Rockauto discounts because over the years I find them to be quite useful. I read online on many car-related forums that a lot of people thought in the past Rockauto was a cheesy, spam website. As someone who used auto parts discounts from most online auto retailers, some of them being Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone, I can tell you from experience that RockAuto is the bomb.

1. 5% Rockauto Discounts

Now it`s true, a 5% discount isn`t too much. Sometimes getting Advance Auto discounts or AutoZone discounts may even sound a whole lot better, depending what parts you need. But the beauty of Rockauto 5% discounts is that you use them at almost any part you can think of. And not many online auto parts retailers offer this opportunity.

rock auto discounts

And even though 5% doesn`t sound a lot at first, it can be. You may have been in an accident and you need to change your airbags. Now that`s a lot of money! When dealing with airbags, 5% can mean $100 – $150 that can be saved. You may need to change your car`s door or your bumpers. Those can cost a lot as well sometimes if you drive an expensive car. And although I would love for Rockauto to start releasing 10% off discounts, unfortunately they aren`t available yet. And a 5% discount from any order is better than nothing.

2. Plenty of Discount Codes Each Month

If you ever want to find a Rockauto discount code to save some money on your next auto parts order, you never have to worry that you never find them. The company releases new ones online each month, even several times per month sometimes. All coupon-related sites get them as soon as they are released. The same happens with car forums where Rockauto acts like a sponsor for many of these forums and the brand is able to promote its discounts for each promotional deal it releases.

3. The Company`s Customer Service

According to the brand`s FAQ page, Rockauto offers great client service through leading technology. But at first glimpse, you wouldn`t tend to believe them because they got to say that. Almost any company out there says the same thing.

I can tell you from personal experience that everything they say is completely true. Whenever I`ve used Rock Auto discounts and I had any questions about them or details I didn`t understood at first, a representative from their customer service was there to help me in a matter of minutes. And let me tell you – when dealing with online auto parts discounts, you don`t need anything more.

Your Thoughts!

So what do you say? Are you convinced or do you need any more reasons to continue to use Rockauto discounts? Because if you ask me, you are wasting time if you didn`t start using this company`s deals already.

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