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K Source Back Up, Mirror Instant Rebate!

This discount will get 30% off from the price of your auto parts order from the shopping cart.

  • VS8 back up camera system
  • VS55020 system that includes both a back up camera and a forward facing camera with DVR
  • VS55010 Lane Change ALERT-CAM mirrors for GM trucks


You can find K Source auto camera systems on the RockAuto Parts Catalog site, under Tools & Universal Parts – Accessories.

The K Source ALERT-CAM mirrors are located on the RockAuto Parts Catalog site, under Body – Outside Mirror when selecting GM trucks ^ SUVs.


3 Ways to Find Discounts & Codes Released by RockAuto

Being a driver almost on a daily basis, I can honestly say I`m one of those people who is in a constant need to always be sure his car is always functioning properly. But when this fails, you also need a good auto retailer on which you can count on. For me is Rock Auto! This is mostly because I simply love the brand`s prices, but also discounts and codes the company is releasing every month. When usually I need a part for my car, I first turn to Rock Auto, and only when they can`t offer me what I need I go to Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone or NAPA Auto Parts.

But where to find these discounts and codes Rock Auto releases each month? Because as you know, not all online sources can be trusted, if you know what I mean! Yes, I`m talking about the need of not being scammed which I think everyone of us has it. Check out my first choices in terms of Rock Auto discounts.


For me this coupon related site is my first choice not only when I`m looking for Rock Auto codes, but when I`m searching for codes in general. You can`t find there a Rockauto discount code 10 off or a free shipping coupon as you may have wanted because the brand doesn`t releases yet a Rockauto discount 10% – they can`t afford it on top of the already low prices they provide on their Rockauto parts, but you can find a lot of 5% discount codes that you can use. And let me tell, 5% ff from a part order that can go up to a few hundred dollars isn`t something not to take into consideration. Just check out some of the Rockauto deals you can find on RetailMeNot:

  • 5% Off Your Purchase
  • 5% Off Your Order
  • 5% Off Any Size Order
  • 5% Off
  • 5% Off Sitewide

As you can see, all the discounts are 5% off, but it`s good that the site offers plenty of choices. So even if a few codes are expired or for some reason it doesn`t work, you can always find at least one that does. Additionally, you can also find such promotion deals on similar sites as RetailMeNot, such as, or

Rock Auto Discount Codes

2. Car Related Forums

There aren`t no Rockauto discount code forums, but you can find plenty of car related forums where this company is a sponsor. Being a sponsor on these forums, the brand is permitted to post its codes and any discounts it may offer on a regular basis. I see Rockauto being a sponsor on forums such as the Mopar1973Man’s Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel Forum or the Chrysler Sebring/200 Convertible Club portal where it has a specific category just for posting threads specifically related to the company`s promotional deals.

3. Mommy Blogs

This isn`t usually my first choice, but when everything else fails, this can be an option too. As you know, stay-at-home mommies are in a constant look for online discounts and coupons. Everything to save a buck! Now Rockauto being an online auto retailer, it`s not that logical to see their promotional codes posted on mommy blogs because they deal with auto parts, but when talking about the internet and saving money, you can never know for sure. So why not try it? Go on Google, type in “mom blogs” or “mommy sites” and check out on some of the sites that appear if Rockauto discounts are posted. You can`t never know when you can get lucky.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think? Are you happy with this information on online resources for Rockauto codes and discounts? The internet is full of them – you just have to go and find them.

Why I Love Rock Auto Discounts?

As an enthusiast driver, I like to have my car always up and running. But my car is almost 10 years old and sometimes I need to change parts to it when I list expected. That`s when I turned to Rockauto discounts because over the years I find them to be quite useful. I read online on many car-related forums that a lot of people thought in the past Rockauto was a cheesy, spam website. As someone who used auto parts discounts from most online auto retailers, some of them being Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone, I can tell you from experience that RockAuto is the bomb.

1. 5% Rockauto Discounts

Now it`s true, a 5% discount isn`t too much. Sometimes getting Advance Auto discounts or AutoZone discounts may even sound a whole lot better, depending what parts you need. But the beauty of Rockauto 5% discounts is that you use them at almost any part you can think of. And not many online auto parts retailers offer this opportunity.

rock auto discounts

And even though 5% doesn`t sound a lot at first, it can be. You may have been in an accident and you need to change your airbags. Now that`s a lot of money! When dealing with airbags, 5% can mean $100 – $150 that can be saved. You may need to change your car`s door or your bumpers. Those can cost a lot as well sometimes if you drive an expensive car. And although I would love for Rockauto to start releasing 10% off discounts, unfortunately they aren`t available yet. And a 5% discount from any order is better than nothing.

2. Plenty of Discount Codes Each Month

If you ever want to find a Rockauto discount code to save some money on your next auto parts order, you never have to worry that you never find them. The company releases new ones online each month, even several times per month sometimes. All coupon-related sites get them as soon as they are released. The same happens with car forums where Rockauto acts like a sponsor for many of these forums and the brand is able to promote its discounts for each promotional deal it releases.

3. The Company`s Customer Service

According to the brand`s FAQ page, Rockauto offers great client service through leading technology. But at first glimpse, you wouldn`t tend to believe them because they got to say that. Almost any company out there says the same thing.

I can tell you from personal experience that everything they say is completely true. Whenever I`ve used Rock Auto discounts and I had any questions about them or details I didn`t understood at first, a representative from their customer service was there to help me in a matter of minutes. And let me tell you – when dealing with online auto parts discounts, you don`t need anything more.

Your Thoughts!

So what do you say? Are you convinced or do you need any more reasons to continue to use Rockauto discounts? Because if you ask me, you are wasting time if you didn`t start using this company`s deals already.