Autolite Winter Prep Rebate

As you may already noticed, winter is coming. And with it another great rebate has come alive from the partnership between Autolite and RockAuto

Autolite is the place where customers can get spark plugs, ignition wire sets, coil-on plug boots, glow plugs and other ignition items for your car, no matter if it`s domestic or imported.

This company was founded from 2 other brands when they began offering buggy lamps. It soon became a thriving manufacturer of auto parts by the `30s.

Autolite Winter Prep Rebate

This rebate will offer you real performance at real value. You can save $2.50 per Iridium XP plug and $2 per double Platinum plug. You can also benefit from other limited-time deals where you can save $3 high thread plug and $2.50 per glow plug. The limit is 16 per household or person. For additional details, you should check the back of rebate pad coupon.

Terms & Conditions

  • Buy Autolite spark plugs from any participating location between 01.09.16 and 31.12.16. The deal expires at 31.12.16.
  • You are able to sign up and also track the claim details on the internet if you simply login on to com/Special-Offers and then click on
  • Fill in this form. Cut out the symbols from the package, then circle all prices that were paid on the dated cash register receipt and then send all products by mail on the below physical address.
  • Please, don`t forget to retain a copy for yourself of the cash register receipt as well as UPC for ordered items.
  • The rebate request should be postmarked until 31.01.17 and received by 15.02.17. Any requests postmarked after this date won`t be honored.
  • The rebate request should be made on this particular original form.
  • This deal is valid for orders that were only made in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.
  • The deal can`t be mixed with other deals released by Autolite.
  • The rebate will be worthless where licensed, restricted or prohibited.


AutoliteĀ® 2016 Spark Plug Offer
Department 132700-03
PO Box 52106
Phoenix, AZ 85072

Autolite Spark Plug Rebate: Up to $48 in Savings!

RockAuto brings us another great rebate in partnership with Autolite, a company that you may already know it offers coil-on-plug, spark plugs or ignition items.

Autolite was founded in 1911 from 2 small companies that produced buggy lamps. The company`s history as a manufacturer of spark plugs started in 1935 when Royce Martin, who was the president of the Electric Autolite Company at that time, staffed and equipped a laboratory to create the very first spark plug. The brand showed an instant success as a supplier of ignition parts and spark plugs to more popular automotive companies such as Willys or Chrysler.

Autolite Spark Plug Rebate Details

With this rebate you`ll be able to save:

  • $2.50 for each Iridium XP plug
  • $2 for each Double Platinium plug
  • $1 for each Platinium plug
  • $2 for each Glow plug
  • $0.75 for each Racing plug
  • $3 for each High Thread plug
  • $2 for each small engine (Xtreme Sport plug & Xtreme Start)

Autolite Spark Plug Rebate

How to Get the Autolite Spark Plug Rebate

  • Buy any Autolite spark plug anytime between 06.01.2016 and 30.04.2016.
  • The rebate will expire on 30.04.2016.
  • Log in to Autolite/special-offers and click on the URL to register & track all the claim details.
  • Click the image above, follow the next page and fill in the rebate form.
  • The rebate request should be postmarked until 30.05.2016 and received no later than 15.06.2016 to be honored.
  • Generally, the limit is of up to 16 Autolite spark plugs for each household or person.
  • The rebate request should be on the original form.
  • Orders are only valid if they are made from Puerto Rico or the U.S.
  • Any request made from P.O. boxes, organizations or APO/FPO boxes won`t be acknowledge or honored.
  • This rebate cannot be combined with other offers that include Autolite spark plugs.
  • The rebate will be void if it will be licensed, restricted, prohibited or taxed.
  • Autolite will reserve the right for changing any terms & conditions of this deal or suspend the deal at any moment.

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