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Are the Cheap Prices & Discounts from RockAuto Really Worth It

It`s almost common sense these days that if you own a car, you need to think cheaply. If you didn`t hear by now about the unbelievable cheap prices RockAuto`s offering or about the great RockAuto discounts available on car related message boards and blogs, then you either don`t have any financial issues to confront with or you don`t usually use online auto parts discounts.

RockAuto – Best Option for Online Auto Parts!

According to most recent data, RockAuto is seen as one of the best choices in terms of online auto parts purchases. You can find a lot more RockAuto discount auto parts than you might think, and after you find what you need on the RockAuto parts catalog list available on the company`s site, you`ll have a pleasant surprise when paying for your order – the price will be really cheap.

Sometimes RockAuto shipping prices aren`t so great and the company often prefers to lose customers than cover for shipping on parts that need to be exchanged for wrong info in the brand`s ordering system. This sucks from the customer`s point of view, but Advance auto discounts or AutoZone discounts offer bigger savings for a reason – the original prices of the auto parts are a lot more expensive than what RockAuto`s offering. So it`s only logical to assume that the company can`t offer cheaper prices than the competition and also match the prices of the other auto retailing brands.

Let`s say you have to change a part for your car like for example, a bearing. You`ll be able to find at Advance Auto Parts for $219, while RockAuto will offer it for $150 along with an additional $20 for shipping the part. Most customers will immediately turn to RockAuto for the obvious reason. And while is true that you can find a RockAuto price match for most parts at other brands like AutoZone or Summit Racing, these are still rare occasions and it`s better to stick with what you know than losing countless hours searching online and comparing deals from different auto retailers.

If you really want to save money, the trick is when using the RockAuto auto parts catalog to use the “Trucks” icons or at least use the “Choose for Me to Minimize Costs” tool. This will allow you to find auto parts that can ship together, meaning they`ll be sent from one warehouse (if possible), and thus avoiding additional shipping expenses.

RockAuto Reviews Don`t Always Reflect Reality

According to`s review page, almost close to none of the reviews posted on that page are related to the prices the company`s providing or the RockAuto discount codes released every month on online forums. That should really mean something, don`t you think?

And if you have some sort of minimal experience online, than you know best than paying too much attention to any negative RockAuto parts review you find on the internet. Most of those reviews are nothing more than the personal opinion of some upset customer because either RockAuto isn`t offering free shipping services or perhaps because a part took too long to be received.RockAuto cheap prices

Your Thoughts!

I don`t buy auto parts for a long time from this company but now that I see how great it is to pay cheap prices and still be satisfied with what you get, I would say that the days when buying parts from other auto retailers are gone.

So you tell me! Are the RockAuto discounts and the cheap prices offered by this company worth your trouble? I think yes, wouldn`t you agree?

KYB Suspension Rebate: Get a $40 Rebate!

Have you heard of KYB Americas Corporation, the company that deals with world class shocks and struts? This company along with RockAuto is ready to offer to their customers a very nice rebate that cannot pass unnoticed.

If you buy 4 KYB Struts or Shocks or 2 KYB Strut-Plus between 01.03.2016 and 30.04.2016, you`ll be eligible for this rebate and get $40.

How to Submit the Rebate?

  • Mail the retail parts order copy that outlines the purchased items along with the UPC barcode from each and every box and the KYB rebate certificate fully completed, or;
  • Mail the retail installation invoice copy from any service facility showing the items on the very same invoice and the KYB rebate certificate fully completed;
  • Send these documents to the following address:

KYB $40 for 4
Dept# KY16-2311
PO Box 472
Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0472

Qualifying Products

  • KYB Excell-G
  • GR-2
  • Gas-a-Just
  • MonoMax
  • Strut-Plus
  • AGX
  • OE Performance & Performance Plus Struts & Shocks

Consider these Guidelines

  • All items purchased need to be in one single transaction and should appear on the very same invoice as well.
  • All submissions need to be postmarked until 31.05.2016.
  • Only one single rebate for each household, person, physical address or customer.
  • The rebate is void where taxed, restricted, prohibited or licensed.
  • This rebate cannot be combined with other deals.
  • The company isn`t responsible for lost, misdirected or late mail.
  • Any submission postmarked after 31.05.2016 won`t be honored.

AVS Hoodvisor & Hood Shield Rebate: Get $10 Prepaid Visa Card

Today we are able to present to you a great partnership between AVS and RockAuto from which the AVS Hoodvisor & Good Shield rebate has taken life. This rebate will give you a $10 Prepaid Visa Card if certain conditions are met.

Buy a qualifying AVS Ventvisor/Hood Shield item of your choosing and get a $10 Prepaid Visa Card.

How to Qualify for this Rebate?

  1. Buy an AVS Ventvisor/Hood Shield product until 31.05.16 (exclude part number that end in letter B).
  2. Remove the entire 12-digit UPC barcode from the item packaging, follow the link under the bellow image and tape it on the form.
  3. Add a photocopy of the online order confirmation or register receipt, quantity, qualifying item description and price paid.
  4. Mails of this rebate should include the form on the above mentioned link, filled out entirely with the above mentioned details.

AVS Hoodvisor & Hood Shield Rebate

Terms & Conditions

  • This rebate is only valid in the U.S.
  • This rebate isn`t available to distributors, manufacturers, dealers or retailers.
  • This rebate cannot be mixed with other deals or discounts.
  • Only 1 rebate for each receipt, family, physical address, household or customer.
  • The rebate is only valid for orders that include the specified items and only at the sites already specified.
  • Returned items aren`t eligible for this rebate.
  • Any requests made from undeliverable and invalid addresses are immediately denied.
  • This particular rebate is void where is prohibited by law, taxed or restricted.
  • It`s recommended to keep copies for all the documents submitted.

Note: If you have any questions related to this particular rebate, you can give a call at 855 801 5827. Also, you can check the online status of your rebate at:

All documents should be mailed at:
LUND Offer # LD1053
PO Box 13002
El Paso, TX 88513

DynoMax Exhaust Rebate: Get Up to $100 Back!

What other auto retailer than RockAuto is able to bring great discount deals from various auto manufacturers? This time DynoMax`s turn to bring a great rebate from which you can get back up to $100 if you buy qualifying Walker DynoMax performance exhaust items.

Qualifying Items

  • DynoMax Performance Exhaust $150 – $299… $50 VISA Prepaid Card
  • DynoMax Performance Exhaust $326 – $499…$75 VISA Prepaid Card
  • DynoMax Performance Exhaust $500 or more…$100 VISA Prepaid Card


Terms for Consumer Rebate

  • Buy qualifying DynoMax items and get a VISA card for exactly the amount of dollars specified near the qualifying product order.
  • The deal doesn`t include any labor or installation prices.
  • The deal is only valid for the products on the list above.
  • The deal is only valid for orders made between March 1st and June 30th, 2016.
  • The deal is only valid for the 1st retail sale of qualifying items which are bought new.
  • Any repackaged or resold items don`t qualify for this specific deal.
  • If you fulfill all these requirements, you`ll receive your VISA card from Tenneco for the specified amount of dollars.
  • You should allow eight to ten weeks for the receipt of deal form to be processed.
  • The rebate is limited at 1 per address, person or household.
  • This rebate cannot be combined with any other Tenneco deal or discount.
  • The Dynomax “Get up to $100” rebate is available until 30.06.2016.

Autolite Spark Plug Rebate: Up to $48 in Savings!

RockAuto brings us another great rebate in partnership with Autolite, a company that you may already know it offers coil-on-plug, spark plugs or ignition items.

Autolite was founded in 1911 from 2 small companies that produced buggy lamps. The company`s history as a manufacturer of spark plugs started in 1935 when Royce Martin, who was the president of the Electric Autolite Company at that time, staffed and equipped a laboratory to create the very first spark plug. The brand showed an instant success as a supplier of ignition parts and spark plugs to more popular automotive companies such as Willys or Chrysler.

Autolite Spark Plug Rebate Details

With this rebate you`ll be able to save:

  • $2.50 for each Iridium XP plug
  • $2 for each Double Platinium plug
  • $1 for each Platinium plug
  • $2 for each Glow plug
  • $0.75 for each Racing plug
  • $3 for each High Thread plug
  • $2 for each small engine (Xtreme Sport plug & Xtreme Start)

Autolite Spark Plug Rebate

How to Get the Autolite Spark Plug Rebate

  • Buy any Autolite spark plug anytime between 06.01.2016 and 30.04.2016.
  • The rebate will expire on 30.04.2016.
  • Log in to Autolite/special-offers and click on the URL to register & track all the claim details.
  • Click the image above, follow the next page and fill in the rebate form.
  • The rebate request should be postmarked until 30.05.2016 and received no later than 15.06.2016 to be honored.
  • Generally, the limit is of up to 16 Autolite spark plugs for each household or person.
  • The rebate request should be on the original form.
  • Orders are only valid if they are made from Puerto Rico or the U.S.
  • Any request made from P.O. boxes, organizations or APO/FPO boxes won`t be acknowledge or honored.
  • This rebate cannot be combined with other offers that include Autolite spark plugs.
  • The rebate will be void if it will be licensed, restricted, prohibited or taxed.
  • Autolite will reserve the right for changing any terms & conditions of this deal or suspend the deal at any moment.

Up to $100 Monroe & Rancho Rebate

As always, RockAuto has great promotions and manufacturer rebates to offer us. RockAuto has brought another cool rebate, this time a partnership between Monroe and Rancho.

Customers can get up to a $100 rebate if they qualifying Rancho or Monroe ride control items. Take a closer look at the below guidelines to see how you can be eligible for this rebate:

  • $100 if you order 4 qualifying Monroe struts;
  • $75 if you order 2 Monroe shocks & 2 qualifying Monroe struts;
  • $50 if you order 4 Monroe or Rancho shocks.

Qualifying Items / Series:

  • Monroe® OESpectrum® Shocks, Reflex® Shocks, Sensa-Trac® Shocks, Max-Air® Shocks, Gas-Magnum® Shocks: 5600, 5700, 5800, 5900, 37000, 39000, 911000, 911500, MA700, MA800, 34000 Series
  • Monroe® Load Adjusting Shocks: 58000 Series
  • Monroe® OESpectrum® Struts, Reflex® Struts, Sensa-Trac® Struts and Cartridges: 71000, 72000, 73000 Series
  • Monroe® Quick-Strut® Replacement Assemblies: 139000, 171000, 172000, 271000, 272000, 371000, 471000 Series
  • Rancho® RS5000™ Shocks: RS5000™ Series
  • Rancho® RS5000™X Shocks: RS55000 Series

Monroe & Rancho Rebate Guidelines:

  • Check with your participating auto parts shop for any rebate details;
  • The rebate is only valid for orders made until May 31, 2016;
  • The rebate doesn`t include labor or installation taxes or costs, and is only valid for qualifying items (Check the list above!);
  • Submit order info online at If you choose by mail, use the address located on the rebate form.
  • Only one rebate available per address, household or person.
  • This rebate cannot be combined with any other type of deal, rebate or discount.
  • All offer submissions should be postmarked until June 30, 2016.


This rebate expires at May 31, 2016.

Philips Headlamp Bulb Rebate

Did you know that with RockAuto you can earn rebates on Philips headlight upgrades?

This Philips Better Lighting, Bigger Rewards Rebate Promotion that is available until April 30, 2016, gets you up to $15 back via mail if you buy any twin pack and/or 2 single packs of CrystalVision ultra, Philips Vision, VisionPlus, or X-tremeVision headlight upgrade bulbs.

Philips Headlamp Bulb Rebate

What to Do?

  1. Buy any twin pack or 2 single packs of CrystalVision ultra, Philips Vision, VisionPlus, or X-tremeVision headlight upgrade bulbs anytime between Febr. 15 and April 30, 2016.
  2. Complete this form and send it to the address below with the package UPC codes and sales receipt.
  3. Wait around six to eight weeks to get the rebate check. Cash the check within sixty days of the day when the check was issued.

Terms & Conditions

  • This rebate deal is only valid if any twin pack or 2 single packs of headlight upgrade bulbs just as the ones listed above are purchased.
  • The rebate is available only while supplies last at any participating retailers in the U.S.
  • Orders of Menards, Pep Boys, Amazon or Kmart aren`t included and don`t qualify for rebates in this promotional deal.
  • The rebate is opened only to individual residents of the U.S.
  • If any claims should be made, they must be postmarked by May 31st and received until June 15th, 2016.
  • If you want to check your rebate claim`s status, give a call at 1-800-619-4703 or visit

ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate 2016

Once again RockAuto and ACDelco have united to give us a great rebate starting with the beginning of 2016. The ACDelco Spark Plug Rebate is available for the entire year for all the spark plugs listed below:

  • Professional Iridium ($2/plug)
  • Professional Double Platinum ($1.50/plug)
  • Rapidfire Performance Single Platinum($1.00/plug)
  • Professional Conventional ($.50/plug)


What to Do:

  • This rebate is only valid on Rapidfire or professional spark plugs ordered and installed along this year.
  • The rebate deal is valid only for ACDelco Rapidfire Perforamnce Single Platinum, ACDelco Professional Double Platinum, ACDelco Professional Iridium, ACDelco Professional Double Platinum.
  • All info must be completed properly and legibly.
  • If ordered from a particular retailer, enclose UPC blocks from the qualifying ACDelco spark plug boxes.

DelcoPlug16Mail all items to:

ACDelco Spark Plug

Rebate Offer Number 6600 9

PO Box 6970

Mesa, AZ 85216

Rancho Rock Gear Rebate 2016

Do you want to know about the last rebate RockAuto is offering in partnership with Rancho® Performance Suspension & Shocks? This deal offers customers $75 back if they buy Rancho rockGEAR™ for their Jeep JK or TJ. Check out other details below:

  • rockGEAR™ parts with $150 to $325…$25 Visa Card
  • rockGEAR™ parts with $326 to $525…$50 Visa Card
  • rockGEAR™ parts with $526 or more…$75 Visa Card

RANCHOGearUpThis rebate is available between January 1st and February 29th, 2016.

How It Works:

  • Buy Rancho items that qualify and receive a Visa card from Tenneco for the amount of dollars specified next to your order. The deal isn`t available taxes or costs that involve labor or installation, and is only available for the items that are qualified (See list below!)
  • Submit the following products by mail until 31.03.2016 to get the Visa card.
  • The deal is only available for US and Puerto Rico and is an end user deal.
  • Any claims for dealers, clubs, businesses, distributors, groups or clubs won`t be honored.
  • Orders made on eBay and other online auction sites don`t qualify for the rebate.
  • Limit 1 rebate per address, person or household. An exception is being made in Rhode Island where the limit is of 2 per household.
  • This rebate may not be combined with a different Tenneco rebate, deal or discount.
  • You should allow 8 to 10 weeks for the entire process to finish.

Rancho qualifying products



Omix-ADA Rebate

Another cool deal from RockAuto in partnership with Omix-ADA where for the entire year of 2016, customers can enjoy a 5% rebate. Of course, if you buy more, you save more!

Customers are able to receive up to $200 in cash from Omix-ADA for 1 single invoice (min. order $149.99) as well as up to $2,000 for the whole year of 2016 (max. ten invoices).

The idea is simple! Purchase a single invoice of more than $149.99 of items from Alloy USA, Rugged Ridge, Precision Gear or Omix-ADA (they are all collectively seen as Omix-ADA family brand items) and receive a rebate in cash.

You can always find more such rebates at: RockAuto Current Promotions and Manufacturer Rebates.


Mailing Address

  • Omix-ADA
  • Attn: Rebates
  • 460 Horizon Drive, Ste 400
  • Suwanee, GA 30024